Was Tim Tebow Fired Because He’s a Christian?


by John Galt
May 2, 2013 05:30 EDT

Tim Tebow, welcome to the world of Christian persecution. No, not like the administration ignoring rape and murder of Christians in the Arab Spring nations, nor that of those being evicted from millennial old homelands in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. This is the continuation of the American persecution led by the elitist citizenry who want to force feed grown adults arugula and broccoli and teach their children how to call the Department of Homeland Security on their parents for offering financial support to those heathens in Ye Olde Tea Party or Boy Scouts of America.

What Americans need to understand is that if Mr. Tebow had publicly renounced his faith, become an environmentalist activist, possibly com out of the closet and said he was a homosexual, and had seen the light to become a Muslim, the New York Jets could not have fired him. The firestorm of Islamic activist groups which would attack the team and the NFL would be so massive that in fact pressure would have been applied to force the coach to give him a fair shot to become the starter. Thus the onus for the termination clearly lies with Tim for failing to understand that talent no longer matters in this world, political correctness and an alignment with the correct perceived minority does.

The big story this week was not the firing of Tim Tebow as conveniently not long after his release from the Jets, the big story broke across the media and the nation putting his story on page 3 of the average four page newspaper sports section:


The world, especially the politically correct faux journalistic world of sports reporting, could care less about Christian athletes. Hell, the mainstream media attacks Christian viewpoints about everything including homosexuality even when the average Christian individual expresses tolerance for the person not the movement; if one does not believe me, ask the Boy Scouts of America. When the story about Jason Collins broke the entire news media gasped in amazement and became giddy with excitement like a Catholic school girl seeing their first penis, yet most of the average sports fans like myself yawned. It was a big “who cares” in my world because unlike the media’s desire to destroy America’s traditions and moral history, most people in our society do not judge people by their race, religion, or sexual preferences.

Of course that does not fit the militant homosexual agenda which is portion of the radical leftist movement since the 1970’s so as to create civil rights which already exist and to force those institutions which have a right as private entities to accept the “modern” version of the extremists perverted moral viewpoint. After all, this is not about the sexuality of a basketball player, it is more about destroying American tradition so as to weaken society to the point of accepting a government based system of worship and morality to destroy the nation and force it to become part of a new world civilization ruled by a technocracy instead of freedom.

If anyone thinks that Christianity is not being marginalized in our nation, one simply needs to observe the blatant ignorance of the slave trade in North Africa and the Arab states by this very same media. If the individuals being bartered like cattle were members of the LGBT community it would be front page news until the realization that Islamic nations were involved forced the story back into the closet. The moral indignation that would be expressed would create nightly news stories  about black slavery once again until the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ordered their media lackeys to silence their reporters on this issue. That silence has continued for twenty years regarding Christian children regardless of race being captured in the various African conflicts then sold to Muslim masters so why should anyone expect the news to be viewed favorably about any Christian ever in our national journalistic worldview.

Tim Tebow might well have been fired because he was a Christian and having a player who attempts to be his best in the name of God offends some NFL teams and players. Christians are noted for turning the other cheek and can take quite a bit of abuse regarding their personal character, political viewpoints, and criticism of their lifestyle so he was an easy mark. As Tim’s career moves forward the lesson other athletes might learn is that to be an active and visible Christian might indeed mean going into the closet so as to avoid the scrutiny and spotlight even as other alleged minorities like homosexuals, bigamists, Satanists, and others come out of the closet in the professional sports world. Time will indeed tell how this plays out.

The reality however is that Mr. Tebow was not that good as a NFL quarterback. He is a good man, a hard worker, a true Christian in ever sense of the word, and a competitor to the very end. Our society seems to view with glee the failings of Christians in sports, politics, and business as some sort of justification that their lifestyle is now the correct moral choice and all of America must learn to either join it or endorse it. Too bad they refuse to listen to the words of Tim, his faith, and our Lord Jesus Christ; they might find out that their is room for their beliefs within Christianity also, and that they can be saved just as America was when it was founded by the believers in the True Religion of Peace, not the false one the prophets of political correctness are promoting at this time.

3 Comments on "Was Tim Tebow Fired Because He’s a Christian?"

  1. bigbadmamajama1 | 02/05/2013 at 16:29 |

    Nah I watched football my entire life and Tebow is one of the most talented players I have ever seen. He also is better than most QBs in the league. Its because of his faith there is no doubt about it. Kurt Warner gets his tv show because he is a “supposed Christian” that bashes other Christians for sharing their faith. But what can you expect from a league that allows Satanic rituals to be performed at their half time show

    • Talented yes; better than Dilver? Definitely. Talented enough to start at QB in the NFL? On some teams. But IMHO, he needs to shift to TE or H-Back.

  2. Freshfire888 | 02/05/2013 at 16:47 |

    Tebow was marked from the beginning as undesirable by the powers that be. After the last two occultic superbowl half time shows (Madonna, JayZ, Beyonce), is there any doubt that there is more going on that meets the eye? (no pun intended. Elway’s is referred to as “Brother John” by Dr. Ivan M. Tribe, KCT, KYCH, Mason 33 degree.) The Colorado fans made it very difficult to remove Tebow from the Broncos, but it happened over time. Tebow was moved farther into the shadows until his resignation. While its appears only to be a football issue, it was a divine test for the people of America. . .and they failed. Anybody but Christ followers are welcome.

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