All That is Needed Now is a Deadly Human to Human Virus


by John Galt
May 5, 2013 05:00 EDT

Congratulations are in order to Harvard University for achieving success in their DARPA taxpayer funded program for human annihilation:



No big deal one might say? Let’s refer back to one of my better articles on the subject:

 America is now officially F#@!ed

I penned that article in February of this year, fully knowledgeable that the MAV’s or Micro Aerial Vehicles were accelerating their abilities with each test and finally Harvard succeeded in creating an almost insect like creature which can eventually be controlled with a wireless controller.

From the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences on May 2, 2013, the background story to the video above:

Robotic insects make first controlled flight


In the very early hours of the morning, in a Harvard robotics laboratory last summer, an insect took flight. Half the size of a paperclip, weighing less than a tenth of a gram, it leapt a few inches, hovered for a moment on fragile, flapping wings, and then sped along a preset route through the air.

Like a proud parent watching a child take its first steps, graduate student Pakpong Chirarattananon immediately captured a video of the fledgling and emailed it to his adviser and colleagues at 3 a.m.—subject line, “Flight of the RoboBee.”

I must congratulate the students and damn them at the same time as this is a tremendous engineering feat, yet the potential for great evil as I referenced in an article I penned at the link above is too great to ignore. How can science do so much good yet set the table for our own destruction? I present to the inquiring mind, another story from the “mad scientist” department of the news this week:

‘Appalling irresponsibility’: Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strains of influenza virus in veterinary laboratory

The dramatic headline does not do the story itself justice when one does the basic math of 1+1 to add the robotic insect story with the Chinese mutant flu nightmare above. As I alluded to in my February article above, it does not take too much imagination from a DHS operative, CIA agent, or any corrupt world leader to create and pair the insect sized drones with the killer virus. It could be as easy as using nerve gas but when a nation wants to kill a large portion of another nation without openly declaring war or openly using a weapon of mass destruction.

For example, if China wants to occupy Okinawa, launch a fishing boat with Japanese flags off the coast, smuggle agents on to the island, launch a few dozen of the drones loaded with the virus into a crowd and in a few weeks the population is greatly reduced along with infecting their main nemesis on the main islands. The applications sadly are endless and for use in international espionage or domestic assassinations, there is nothing to stop a government from creating a genetic based killer drone targeted to terminate specific individuals.

Welcome to the future boys and girls where life is cheap and everyone’s ability to grow old can be determined by a bureaucrat or a geek with a robot and a keystroke.


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