Just Wait Because I’m not Ready Yet


by John Galt
May 7, 2013 05:00 EDT

A Warning for the Unprepared Prepper…

Last year, yours truly penned a piece titled “It’s Time to Accept Reality that it’s Too Late.” It was an echo of the words I uttered on radio many years ago that if one wishes to survive the oncoming threat of a United States based dictatorship using a corporatocracy inclined Fascist system to control the masses, that the two words one did not want to hear were that it is “too late.”  I honestly pray for my readers that any of my friends and readers ever have to live through that thought process.

Such as…..

Someone listened to a nationally famous talk show host when the announced gun confiscation began and surrendered their weapons willingly and trusted in the court system as the host instructed to return his weapons and his rights. Meanwhile as the courts notified that poor soul that it would take over 18 months to process his case due to the backlog of weapon repossessions and processing that individual was left unarmed. Meanwhile, just one month later, the economy collapsed and with all of the grocery stores closed for over two weeks a group of three criminals broke into his house and began raping his wife and daughter while stealing all of his food and supplies after beating him to a pulp. All he could scream was:

“Just wait! Because I’m not ready yet!!!”

Another individual listened to his family and failed to discuss the geopolitical risks at the same time. When the economy collapsed and the government announced rationing, his family ran out of food in less than three weeks. He screamed at his wife in a fit of anger that it was not fair and that they situation was not for real. He went to the grocery store to fill his rations in an insane attempt to stock up on food and was denied the quantities he wished to by. In anger he yelled at the poor clerk, “but, but, but, this can not be the collapse”….

“Just wait! Because I’m not ready yet!!!”

Meanwhile, Joe Schmoe went down to his local mega-box sporting goods store. He had heard that there was a chance that ammunition sales would be cut off or limited to civilians one day in the name of national security so buying a few boxes would seem to be prudent. When he walked into the store he noticed that gun section had a sign stating “Closed for sales until further notice.” Joe walked up to a worn out clerk and asked what was going on. She replied, “the government has requisitioned all firearms and ammunition under the War Powers Executive Order that was issued and that portion of their store would remain closed until other inventory and merchandise could replace it.” Joe yelled at the clerk in a panic:

“Just wait! Because I’m not ready yet!!!”

Mike went down to the bank to remove his gold and silver coins from his safety deposit box because rumors of a confiscation effort may began as the stock market collapsed 24% in three days. When he arrived at the bank to get some money out of his account plus his valuables out of the box, the sign on the door read:


As the panic set in, Mike screamed at the guards at the door that “It’s my money damn you! Let me in and let me get it now!”

The guards politely asked Mike to leave the premises and as he walked to his car, he muttered under his breath:

“Just wait! Because I’m not ready yet!!!”

Tom saw the coming collapse of American society  many years ago. Yet he kept believing the mainstream media that there was no threat to his family or the economic future of our land. In fact he donated his entire Y2K+9-11 food collection in 2006 and only casually kept a little bit more than usual around the house as things began to look better according to the news sources he believed. As the stock market crashed and his job became threatened by the lower sales, he believed that things would get better but it was time to start stocking up again just in case. Tom called his favorite freeze dried food supplier and tried to place a $400 order but was told that they were completely out of stock. He screamed into the phone before they hung up on him:

“Just wait! Because I’m not ready yet!!!”

Edgar and his wife Charlene walked into Billy Jo’s Coin and Pawn looking to buy some silver coins because things were not looking good all of the sudden for the world situation and they wanted some real money to be prepared. When Billy Jo told them that all had left in stock was collectibles they called him a liar. Billy Joe explained to them that since 2007 demand has been off the chart and that it was unlikely that they would be able to find any gold, silver, or the most important item 90% junk silver and that the best dealers had sold out in anticipation of the crash. Edgar and Charlene both screamed “bull crap” and demanded he sell them anything of value. As Bill Jo started to explain that wealthy clients had prepaid for the coins already in the shop and that all of them would be gone soon and never replaced, Edgar screamed at the dealer:

“Just wait! Because I’m not ready yet!!!”

 The moral to this story?

Preparing before the collapse is prudent. As a friend of mine who some of my readers may know named Shane Connor of KI4U.com once stated to me on air and the various message boards:

Panic now, beat the rush.

Sound advice considering where our society is now, in my honest opinion…better than being “too late.”

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  1. Even the most “prepared” are likely to say this. It is my belief that the lack of redundancy and the pursuit of specialization has render our civilization naked babies
    without a tit to suckle. Collapse will break down all “modern” life support systems.
    Just picture the fun when nuke plant cores are no longer cooled as the world that created them slips away.
    However, having preps gives you options that those without will wish they had. It also means you can go down fighting rather than submitting to angry mobs.

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