While Obama Twists in the Wind, House Republican Rats Cut an Immigration Deal


by John Galt
May 16, 2013 21:30 EDT


As the world turns and Obama twists in the wind, the cowardly creatures with such cute little nicknames like “Rino” and “Coward” and “F***ing Assh***s,” went to work behind the back of conservative voters and the party which put them into power to cut a deal in the House of Representatives for a comprehensive immigration reform bill, er, illegal alien amnesty. From such famous cowardly creatures like John Boehner this is not a surprise but the timing is about as stupid as humanly possible because the Republicans had a chance to take back the momentum  from the regime and weaken their positions on much more important issues.

When the Reuters story first flashed on my screen, the revulsion and acid reflux hit my system immediately:

U.S. House lawmakers reach tentative deal to revamp immigration

From the story linked above:

The breakthrough came at the end of a two-hour private meeting of seven Republican and Democratic negotiators. The eighth negotiator in this so-called House Gang of Eight was unavailable after undergoing surgery on Wednesday.

The final sticking point, according to congressional sources, was over whether illegal immigrants now in the United States who gain legal status under the bill could participate in the new healthcare law known as “Obamacare,” which Republicans want to repeal.

None of the negotiators would comment on how the matter was resolved. Nor would they provide other details of the deal.

Seriously? The Republicowards who were supposedly seeking to repeal Obamacare cut a deal with the most untrustworthy anti-American group of souls in the country known as “Democrats” and found common ground? With only two Republicans of the seven known Republican participants, John Boehner and Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), it will be interesting once it is discovered who the other five were and which districts they represent.

The warnings have been issued for years now but voters are too stupid, lazy, or gullible to do what needs to be done. The removal of the old guard for both political parties must begin immediately or the Republic will fall.

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