It’s Okay Because He’s Black


by John Galt
May 20, 2013 17:45 EDT

I am officially now a racist according to the media, politically correct, and terminally stupid. I disagree with the path that our nation is on, the actions taken since 2004 in our country but even more so since 2009, and worse, I have this nasty tendency to tell it like I see it and that of course means I am a biased bigot to those who disagree.

Shortly after assuming office, the current and unfortunate President of the United States engaged in a daring act of state power outside of the limits of the United States Constitution by nationalizing General Motors and Chrysler Motors in June of 2009. The preplanned bankruptcy was declared as necessary by the administration to ensure the survival of these corporations as too many jobs were at stake despite the collapse of much larger threats to the nation’s economy in 2008. Within the restructuring of the automotive manufacturers seized by the Federal Government, the bondholders sued and took the case on the fast track to the United States Supreme Court which rejected their plea despite a valid complaint of violation of their 4th and 5th Amendment rights. The excuse of basically giving the remains of the corporations and the controlling interest to the United Auto Workers and Fiat was that the extraordinary economic circumstances justified this thievery while rewarding the various contributors who helped Obama win the Presidency in 2008. The true free market capitalists complained far and wide about this unconstitutional action but their voices were drowned out by the media with one refrain:

It’s okay, because he’s black.

The newly empowered regime did not just stop there. Less than two months after the election in March of 2009, the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) drafted a a report about the “modern militia movement.” Amazingly enough, anyone with a Ron Paul or other third party candidate bumper sticker, against abortion, or possessing, not distributing but possessing any part of a list of what is considered subversive literature the Department of Homeland Security MIAC Fusion Center alleged that that individual might be a member of a  militia. The report was immediately pulled when outrage was expressed however the DHS has never fully denied adopting those standards as a basis for creating surveillance files on potential future threats even if the Americans in question had never posed a threat or committed any crime. When the mainstream media and elites within both political parties were confronted with the joint outrage of civil libertarians and those who were the subject of the report the reply was simple:

It’s okay, because he’s black.

The idea of a massive stimulus to bail the economy out of its doldrums was railroaded through the Democrat controlled House and Senate for over $800 billion was a payoff to unions, government employees at the Federal and State level, and select donors who owned companies with the inside for contracts in Democratically controlled districts. The lack of a sustained economic recovery as in the past with over 4% GDP growth was blamed on George W. Bush failing to delineate to the incoming administration just how severe the economic crisis was and Republicans were blocking an effective all encompassing economic program which would help those in the most need for a recovery. Criticism was met with blunt force from the media however as those who opposed the stimulus program and other attempts to institutionalize government graft were labeled “racists”  or worse.  These false accusations and attempts to destroy the reputations of the opposition even though they quoted actual facts were praised by the media and repudiated with an anger unseen since the extremist left of the 1960’s screamed for revolution. Why was this justified and allowed to occur unchecked?

It’s okay, because he’s black.

The United States of America declared war on a sovereign nation without any justification nor action taken against our country by Libya yet this President launched a subversive campaign to kill the leader of a foreign nation in direct violation of U.S. law. The CIA and our military’s special forces were used to supply weapons, logistics, and assist NATO bombers (primarily bombers) to attack Libyan positions up to and including targeting Muammar Qaddafi even though the Federal Government denied such actions. After the conflict the United States, under orders from this administration ordered the seizure of the weapon’s cache of the Qaddafi military under the premise of presenting terrorists from obtaining the advanced weaponry from the destroyed Libyan military.

On September 11, 2012 the new Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was killed during a terrorist assault on a consulate building in Benghazi. The cover up was not about the malfeasance of the administration by denying military assistance to save the Ambassador’s life. In fact it was more about the gun running operations illegally supplying weapons from Libya to the Syrian rebels which includes members from the very terrorist groups DHS and our national security apparatus have been warning the world about for years! The media, despite hearings which included brave whistle-blowers from the State Department ignore the fact that the President was allegedly “asleep” during the assault nor that his regime would provide adequate security despite warnings many months before. The excuse offered?

It’s okay, because he’s black.

The corruption extends far beyond the American military and domestic security departments however. The Department of Agriculture engaged in a program of blatant restitution to minorities, primarily African-Americans, who may or may not have ever been associated with, lived on, or owned a farm in their lives. The Pigford Settlement was exposed by to act as a method for once again filtering taxpayer dollars to many undeserving applicants who would know a hoe from a ho. As Andrew Breitbart stood firm and countered every lawsuit and action taken against him, he was called a racist, a bigot, and a yellow journalist by many but he stood his ground. When the Republicans dared to challenge the President’s USDA on this matter, the response as to why Obama could support this settlement and promote those responsible was simple:

It’s okay, because he’s black.


Violations of the Constitution.

Engaging in multiple violations of Federal and State laws.

Allowing blanket secret amnesty for millions of illegals.

Forcing smaller banks out of business to support too big to fail institutions.

Enabling our enemies to expand in the Middle East and North Africa while penalizing our allies.

Further restricting our freedoms and rights with Obamacare, Executive Orders for the NLRB, EPA, USDA, etc., and imposing penalties on Americans without due process or trial.

Using the IRS to collect data, deny due process, and intimidate political appointments to reduce funding to his opposition.

Expanding domestic spying using drones, a domestic civilian military only he controls, and recording every purchase, conversation, or internet action an individual engages in without a warrant or cause.

The excuse that allows all this to happen?

It’s okay, because he’s black.

America is at the final crossroads yet by reversing the course and allowing race to be used as justification for the imposition of a leftist at best, Marxist at worst, national dictatorship where the rule of law is determined by political appointees and not the United States Constitution is at hand. We the people have a choice. If the Obama administration gets away with the current scandals plastering the media then our nation shall fall. It was historic that our nation elected its first minority but is that justification for allowing the destruction of the Republic in the process? According to the mainstream media and the elites of our nation, it is and guess why?

It’s okay, because he’s black.

Even he makes that claim now:



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  1. It’s the final take-down of what used to be America, and it’s happening at breakneck speed now.

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