The IRS Scandal is Officially Dead


by John Galt
May 21, 2013 19:15 ET


The hue and cry originally expressed by the Tea Party, 9/12 Project, Conservative Talk Radio, and other patriot/Constitutionalists type groups was a death scream into the darkness as now I fear the entire IRS scandal is officially dead. Unbeknownst to them, it died on Friday May 17, 2013 around 6 p.m. ET when the President made his famous “You’re Fired” speech to the media about the already outgoing interim IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. One needs to take a deep breath and understand that when it was announced that Eric Holder was opening a criminal investigation into the allegations about the Internal Revenue Service, that killed the scandal and any unbiased investigation.

The nightmare which was the “Fast and Furious” scandal was buried when the Federal Government under Eric Holder opened an investigation of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) which resulted in a massive smoke screen and years later a continuing obfuscation of the facts. Sadly, American Congressional leaders have refused to show the testicular fortitude to stand up to the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security by cutting off funding to the payroll of the leadership or other actions to force a full and complete disclosure under oath with all supporting documents. Why would anyone expect any different result with a new investigation by this administration of itself on a different subject?

The tragic events in Moore, Oklahoma with the destruction from the massive tornado and unfortunate fatalities will buy the Obama administration about 72 to 96 hours of relief from the various scandals, and most importantly the IRS debacle. President Obama can now travel to Oklahoma for a politically arranged memorial service for the victims, provide the usual phony platitudes and prayers for the victims and survivors, and promise that his administration will give unlimited resources to help rebuild the town. Of course that did not work well for the citizens of Staten Island, New York or other areas affected by Hurricane Sandy but who in their right mind expects the national media to follow-up with reports of the Messiah’s failures?


Fortunately for President Obama, the Scarecrow and Chief Republican Globalist Surrender Monkey has thus far refused to take any course of action other than the “someone needs to fired” nonsense for the actions of those responsible. Was there a call for a special prosecutor? No. Demand for a joint special investigative committee with full subpoena powers for all parties? No. Is there any plan to freeze the government by stopping all Congressional action (or in his case inaction) for all programs until all data, emails, and testimony is released to a special committee or even just the House Ways and Means investigation? No. The cowardly Scarecrow will grab a drink and a smoke and cry into the cameras that he’s doing all he can while the Republic crumbles under his watch.

Lastly, today’s news is the final nail in the coffin as planned by Attorney General Eric Holder and reported by the Los Angeles Times tonight:

Top IRS official will invoke 5th Amendment

The course of action taken by the former head of the non-profit division of the IRS, Lois Lerner, is no shock to this blogger as once a criminal investigation is announced, all cooperation ceases. All witnesses and potential whistle blowers will obtain counsel and please the 5th Amendment also. Emails, memos, and any printed material will not become evidence in the possession of a Republican dominated committee but instead will be sealed by the Attorney General so as not to “taint” any case that may develop against those guilty of any potential crimes. The actions initiated by Eric Holder with the announcement last Friday night of a criminal investigation has basically initiated a course of action identical to what occurred with the Fast and Furious scandal.

The problem and clash between branches will now depend on second and third level Senators and Congressmen initiating action to pressure the leadership into forming a select committee to investigate at a minimum the IRS scandal if possible all of the abuses of power engaged in by the Obama administration. Based on the track record of the Republican leadership (or lack thereof) and the inability of the media to grasp the depths of the crisis should Obama be allowed to escape prosecution, Americans should begin preparations to live in a totally lawless society controlled with a police state based domestic military and continuous variations of regulation to create a nation of citizen criminals guilty of only living within our borders and out of favor with the powers that be.

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