The One Man who can End Barack Obama’s Presidency Tomorrow


by John Galt
May 23, 2013 05:00 ET


The run of scandals is dizzying at this point of time:





Fast and FuriousGate


Etc.Gate…(for those that have not quite yet bubbled to the surface)

With all that has been happening there is a problem that the President and his staff awake at night. Ever since the Benghazi disaster and the revelations of numerous scandals this year there is one man who could step forward and present the facts which would cause the end of the Obama reign of Marxist terror. To figure out who that might be, some speculation on what has occurred so far might paint a picture of just how severe the major crisis plus one yet to explode scandal actually are as they exist at this moment.

The IRS Scandal is essentially paralyzed unless the Congress can coerce testimony or find one brave bureaucrat willing to sacrifice their career and leak physical evidence like emails or memos with instructions from White House personnel to direct operatives in the IRS to engage in illegal activities. I’m somewhat skeptical that anyone would risk an Arkanicide for themselves or their family to stand in the way of the Obama train and get run over.

The AP/Pressgate scandal continues to expand but once again it will take even more of the media turning against the administration and worse, once again, an honest FBI or Department of Justice agent coming forward to testify that they were indeed instructed to conduct illegal investigations of journalists solely for the purpose of monitoring their activities. As far as EPA and Pigfordgate that would require forced testimony by participating bureaucrats before a Grand Jury to get anywhere and I do not see the Republicans growing enough backbone to force the administration into appointing a special prosecutor.

Fast and Furious is now slow and whimper as Congressman Darrell Issa’s office has butchered this investigation by refusing to take the Obama administration to court for violations of the Constitution by denying Congress key data as requested from this scandal . If Issa could ever be replaced the logjam created by his ineptitude would be broken and an actual Patriot who believes in exercising the role of oversight would move all of the investigations forward.

This brings the list down to the two big scandals, one which is occasionally front page news and the other deliberately ignored by almost all but the internet alternative media. One man holds the key to both scandals however and that is where the story really begins. The scandal being ignored by the so-called mainstream media is how members of Seal Team 6 were loaded off protocol into an unsecured helicopter without their normal escorts and “mysteriously” shot down by Taliban insurgents. The story since day one has stunk to high heaven and only those members of the U.S. Special Forces contingent including the Seals could provide answers should they ever be allowed to speak. The families spoke out about this scandal on May 9, 2013 with very few individuals paying attention to what the allegations were and what they said (video below).



The powerful testimony of those families should have inspired one politician who actually preaches what they promote about the Constitution to demand answers but two weeks later there is nothing but silence. Including a deathly silence from the one man who could shed some light on this scandal and possibly expose a massive case of malfeasance within the Obama regime.

That scandal and the knowledge of the truth about Benghazi would destroy the Obama Presidency and force his resignation should all of the information ever become public knowledge. Unfortunately the one man who has all of the truth behind the Defense Department and CIA scandals resigned in shame on November 9, 2012. The questions are swirling  about  General David Petraeus and why he has yet to come forward:

Was he or his family threatened should he ever divulge anything?

Was he paid to stay silent?

Was he originally part of the plan and forced to retire early for refusing to execute future plans on behalf of the Globalist cabal?

Is he a yellow bellied coward who just doesn’t care about his country any longer?

Petraeus is the one man with all of the inside knowledge about many scandals and quite possibly might know if like Nixon, the CIA was ordered to engage in dirty tricks against the Tea Party, Romney campaign, and select Republican candidates running for office in 2012. If he were to step forward and do his patriotic duty by obeying the oath he took on the day he enlisted in the military to uphold and protect the United States Constitution, President Obama would be out of office long before the end of 2014.

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    Notice the date. We’ve been waiting for him for too long. Even followed up with a proper “Thank You” post.


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