If you Read this Article You are a Terrorist


by John Galt
May 24, 2013 05:00 ET


On Thursday May 23, 2013 President Barack Obama gave a foreign policy speech at the National Defense University about counter-terrorism. The speech in total is below available to my readers so there is no mistake nor shall I be accused of being taken out of context when I warn everyone what it really means.



The Daily Caller immediately picked up on one portion of the speech as I did because it was quite clear as to what he was referencing:

During his foreign policy speech Thursday afternoon, President Obama warned that domestic terrorism would increase in the modern age of the Internet.

“[T]his threat is not new,” Obama said. “But technology and the Internet increase its frequency and lethality.”

Obama warned Americans that materials on the Internet could influence people to commit terrorist acts.

“Today, a person can consume hateful propaganda, commit themselves to a violent agenda and learn how to kill without leaving their home,” he said.

The speech then has the President taking a brief pause then proceeding to speak about working with the American Muslim community to prevent domestic terrorism and other such nonsense.

This from a man whose followers proclaim that gun owners are terrorists.

This from a man whose followers proclaim the Founding Fathers of our country were terrorists who murdered innocent Native Americans.

This from a man whose IRS, CIA, FBI, DHS, EPA, DOE, DOL, and USDA along with darned near every other alphabet agency persecuted and if possible prosecuted pro-Christian, pro-Constitution, pro-2nd Amendment, and pro-Patriotic organizations.

This from a man who will proclaim this weekend a great respect for our veterans while five years into his administration almost 900,000 are still waiting to get the word that they even qualify for benefits much less have any thought of ever receiving medical attention or financial aid.

This from a man whose friends and allies refuse to call  a radical Islamist a terrorist but has no problem calling my readers, my friends, my cohorts terrorists when a firecracker or sparkler is fired off in the dark of night.

If you read this article it means YOU are on the internet and according to the groupthink of the extremist left and this President YOU are a terrorist. Now that everyone understands the perceptions of flyover country from Washington, D.C. prepare for the next shoe to drop because even if the next attack inside the U.S. is committed by an Islamofacist, every effort, once again, will be dedicated to pinning the blame on Bubba so the police state can officially be declared to enshrine his legacy forever.


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