State of the United States by a Pissed Off American

 A rare guest editorial, this time by an enraged American with no regards to feelings, blind loyalty,  or morals…

by Walter White
August  11, 2013  22:15 ET

Tonight, the AMC channel on cable begins the finale of a program based on the fictional character known as “Walter White,” a persona that this author has adopted for the purpose of reminding the American public how pathetically pussified and weak they have become. Is the character on the television show honorable or worthy of worship? Hell no, and neither am I. I just wish to thank the owners of for allowing me to present this one time rant about how pitiful America as a nation has become, and the resistance to tyranny evolved into a political sideshow instead of a true 3% movement.

“Being the best at something is a very rare thing.”

Walter White, AMC’s Breaking Bad

America, it is time for you to enjoy the pain of a reality enema. The American people have agreed to submit to a sadistic socialist master via the illusion of President Obama while the real masters are those in charge of the Federal Reserve and the U.S. financial system yet despite this submission, the pathetic lot that you represent have yet to understand that you are all fucking dead and only waiting on the vampires to collect what little warm blood is left from your lifeless, soul less, moronic bodies.

The Fox News toadies have everyone pumped up believing that if one calls their NSA representative, er, Congressman, “we the people” can stop the Obamacare Act, aka, ACA, for one whole year by denying funding. Yet at the same time, FNC promotes traitorous bastards like John McCain and Lindsey Graham who would sell their nation out for a piece of pussy or campaign contribution as long as either transaction involved nothing more than $100 bills that are not in sequence. If you morons think you make a difference, you smoke the same crack pipe that has resided up Al Sharpton’s asshole which produced the whorefare movement that is continuously pumping the falsehood of the racist Trayvon was an an innocent angel for the civil rights movement.

The so-called resistance to the proverbial “new world order” consists of three primary groups:

1. The Elites in Sheep’s Clothing – “Yes, we are on your side but we can only do so much. Please help me win re-election to keep up the good fight.” Do I really need to add to this or will you dumb ass morons continue to vote Republican and believe the lies of modern talk radio?

2. Comply to Survive – There are a lot of idiots who think that for some strange reason that Senator John McCain and Representative John “Crying Game Homo Drunk Ass” Boehner have a clue about reality outside of the beltway. Those are the same people who walk into a voting booth and vote blindly for the Republican Party thinking that they are better than the “alternative.”  Of course the alternative that the Republicans and Democrats all tend to object to just happens to be freedom and the U.S. Constitution but who cares about an inconvenience like that, right? The problem is that most citizens are quite content to live their lives stoned off their asses via alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal substances up to and including licking a frog’s ass to avoid the Matrix based reality of our civilization and its decline.

3. The 3% – The myth of the “Three Percent” was perpetuated by historical fact and unfortunately profiteers. However, I hate to break the heart of my hardened friends with militaristic fantasies of Red Dawn sluts descending on their crotches or some mystical Gothic fantasy of their heroic efforts saving the heartland as if they were George Washington or George Patton. The reality is that the 3% actually consists of  only 3% of the total 10% which are controlling the world today. There is a schism between 3-4% of the neo-con NWO types, and the 3-4% of the Marxist idealists leaving the radical remains to fight amongst themselves to determine which side of the two to support.

The problem with the 3% is that some support no one, just anarchy. Others support unification efforts under the delusion that today’s society will allow the assholes on either sides to see the light and become supporters of their position. Then finally there are the originalists, those few brave souls who actually think that capitalism, freedom, and the ideals of the Founding Fathers still have a chance to survive. Man, are you guys totally fucked.

Glenn Beck and others think that by mobilizing against the machine there is some chance of surviving the coming storm and rebuilding America as it was originally intended. Are you really that damned stupid? And to think that Rush Limbaugh for over fifteen years has been proclaiming that those who opposed the “traditional Country Club” Republicans must fight from within the party. And how has that worked out over the last twenty years?

Socialized medicine

100% manipulated Financial Markets

Citizenry too scared to shit without Government Supervision

Americans denying their own God, much less their God given rights

Capitalism being assigned a criminal label

Marxism rewarded as heroic

Logic replaced by emotion and political correctness

When it is all said and done, it is every man, woman, and child for themselves. If you think your neighbor will help you when the shit hits the fan, Godspeed to you, and as you look down from heaven or up from hell watching your children being barbecued for a neighborhood meal, remember you and only you had a choice to make. Selfishness is the only virtue now as our society descends into a heartless decline of fatalistic survivalism and state controlled financial dictatorship where your hard work is to be stolen in the name of the greater good. As our society fails, remember this important fact; if one can not trust their neighbors and friends now, that individual or family is already dead. Most of America has signed a satanic suicide pact and they deserve to eat the shit sandwich about to be served upon them.

We are all going to die and it is now up to those who wish to make their deaths meaningful or a waste. It is now your choice, the rah-rah bullshit period of American history is over.

It is time to take care of one’s family or themselves and let everyone else be damned. Without a total, complete collapse America will not survive. Do your part today, do nothing and avoid helping the machine whenever and wherever you can. It is all over except for the organization of firing squads and foreign governments to help maintain control of our streets.

Prepare accordingly or die like a retard. It is now your choice.


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