If One Crash is a Failure, then 3 in one Week is an Attack


by John Galt
August 22, 2013 16:30 ET

On Friday August 16, 2013, Google crashed for a period of time and so did 40% of all web traffic as the graph below demonstrates:


While outages among large technology companies might seem to be the norm recently,  in reality redundancy and mirrored systems are supposed to prevent this. Fast forward to Monday, August 19th and voila, another major web site, this time the mega-web retailer Amazon.com goes down for 30 minutes in Canada and the United States:

Amazon website suffers rare crash in US and Canada

This brings the party to today’s news:

Nasdaq Shuts Trading for Three Hours in Latest Computer Error

Crazy as this theory might sound, but does anyone else feel that the United States economy is feeling phase one of a probing movement prior to a Pearl Harbor like attack on the cyber economy especially since the current flow of affairs in Asia and the Middle East is so dire? With the lackadaisical approach to computer security engaged in by Wall Street, Main Street, and especially Washington, D.C. the excuse making of cost or practicality to prevent a massive web based or other methodology for sabotaging our nation’s electronic infrastructure is still, over one decade later, astonishing.

For example, Google by extension is one of the largest subcontractors and data suppliers to the National Security Agency (NSA) and thus should never crash or experience any period of down time, however  it happened and everyone from California to Congress should feel a chill down their spine.

Personally, based on my prior experience dealing with management in high tech companies and watching the political elites, these three events which occurred independently might seem innocent if one believes the MSM, but I fear this is just the start of what is about to hit our shores. I advise all of my readers to  ensure they have secured and backed up all data and to avoid engaging in browsing rogue websites or downloading unknown files until the problems which hit three of the largest new era technology corporations is properly explained.


UPDATED 8/22 1830 ET:

Now USA Today, of all sources believe it or not, picks up on my theme of this being an attack, not a random software or hardware glitch:

Nasdaq outage resembles hacker attacks

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