Did You Just Feel America Take that U-Turn?


by John Galt
September  22, 2013 23:00 ET



Yes America, it is true; times are getting hard again.

Listen to the song above one more time.

Jobs are becoming harder to obtain and those that are available are usually part time at 50% less than what former career workers are used to.

Health insurance is being cancelled or dumped on the government on a daily basis, except for those lucky souls who are still offered coverage with only 300% or 400% increases.

Credit is barely available to the average citizen much less any business which has gross revenues under $30 million per year; and that figure is optimistic.

Food prices have double either directly through the mysterious non-existent inflation the government denies or the 30-50% reduction in product sizes it be a six pack of beer reduced to a 4 pack or the proverbial fast food burger being reduced to a so-called mini-value meal.


Yet Americans by and large continue to believe that our government, the television idiots, and their “friends” would not lie as to how great things are for them economically, politically, or otherwise.

But do you or your spouse lie about your weight, health, or financial condition? Many lie to protect the embarrassing truth of their personal or economic condition.

Do you or your family know someone who has an expensive car or SUV, a home, and worse, takes vacations they can not afford? I can pull into their driveways and illustrate the fallacy of their lifestyles as the economy contracts rapidly.

Does anyone who reads this article own a company or know of a friend’s company that they are worried about the financial health and ability to remain an ongoing concern? I know literally tens of dozens of companies barely surviving and ready to quit this insanity by going Galt if only the owners thought they had a better alternative.

In every aspect of society the answer for some is a unanimous left turn to just ignore reality and accept the government dictated reality as instructed from the radio, television, or worse mainstream internet news sites which routinely erase their history after propagating falsehoods to ensure history does not judge them for the propaganda tools that they are. Thus even as their personal lives disintegrate into a muddle of quasi-poverty and modern technological slavery the questions remain as to why this is now an acceptable practice.

Of course that feeling has changed and fluctuated since 2001, and sadly we have hit upon another one of those massive U-Turns in history which causes everyone to question the so-called truth and prepare for the coming storm.

America has experienced a massive slamming on of the brakes and change in direction and while it was moving slowly in 2009 through 2012, we are now totally reversed and on the proverbial highway to hell where our nation ceases to exist as we know it. Economically, the people are struggling to survive. Politically, we have no voice, no say, no recourse against the evil bastards like McCain, Obama, or our local dictatorships.

A society which is psychologically drained like ours has no concept of what the modern technocratic police state would encompass, so we trust that there is no way our police or political elites would ever abuse their power. Sadly however, most citizens know nothing about the World War I internment camps nor confiscations of personal property in the United States because history is now an elective programmed by the state.

The nation is now daring to make that transition between a Western style freedom loving nation to a police state and the worse possible problem, a state of denial, has engulfed the masses. In the end as the economy collapses, freedom contracts, and our society evolves into a Ceaușescu Romanian style wet dream state, the sheep will arise only to realize it is too late. The U-Turn of our society is complete and the only chapter left to be written is the saddest and bloodiest in American history since the Civil War.

The survivors, the revolutionaries, and the complicit will all be judged. Say ye your plea as the decline accelerates in the weeks ahead.

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