10/11 11:40 ET BREAKING NEWS: The Republican Betrayal I warned about is happening RIGHT NOW!!!

by John Galt October 11, 2013 11:45 ET This story which I finished last night: The Republicans Secret Betrayal of 2013 Is actually happening right this minute as I type this!!!!! Per Louie Gohmert (R-TX) live on the Glenn Beck Radio Show right this minute, Boehner is meeting privately with Obama and will cave across the board on everything Obama wants including a debt ceiling increase, full funding for Obamacare, and a clean CR!!!!!   TRAITORS!!!  


by John Galt October  11, 2013 0600 ET Yesterday, October 10, 2013, I had the unfortunate moment to meet for a quick cup of coffee with an old friend in the construction industry which operates in Southwest Florida. The conversation started with the usual generalities and pleasantries but soon turned to business, politics, and of course the President’s health care disaster impacting our region. The story below is true but the names are not disclosed to protect the business and its owners from retaliation. Approximately two weeks ago, two agents from…

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