Are Tea Party Republicans Principled or Profiteers?


by John Galt
October  17, 2013 20:30 ET



As history judges the American people, so they shall judge those who rode the coat tails of the American “Tea Party” movement into office and how they behave from this point forward until the theoretical deadlines in the months ahead.

Over the past 120 days the American citizenry, especially those interested in defending our Constitution and supporting independent minded politicians to de-fund, demolish, or delay the implementation of Obamacare using the power of conservative talk radio, the internet, rallies, protests, and of course fund raising for causes promoted by politicians and citizen groups alike. The end result? Obamacare implementation is a given barring a miracle, the Republican Party betrayed the voters again as predicted, and the majority of conservative talk radio hosts and commentators have continued to insist that the Republican Party and its political elites are the American people’s only option.


Even Glenn Beck understood the fallacy of the traditional “only Republicans can save us so we must work within the party” argument that Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, and other conservative commentators have offered for over 20 years while the nation disintegrated into a massive  overweight ball of slobbering goo addicted to big government and bigger lies.

Thus the question has to asked:

“How is that Republican Party thing working out for you?”

Mr. Beck encountered the ultimate neo-conservative writer live on the air this morning, the one and only Ann Coulter, and hilarity ensued when the spirit of the Tea Party encountered the Republican Party apologist hack as this exchange demonstrates:

Ann’s(sic) tried to make the point that until Republicans take over the Senate, little can be accomplished, which is why Sen. McConnell finds himself in the situation he currently does. In her mind, winning elections is the most important thing.

“I think we should reflect on whether it was a good idea or a bad idea for you conspiracy theorists to be pushing Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, Richard Mourdock in Indiana,” Ann said.

“Wait a minute. What does she have to do with it,” Glenn asked exasperatedly. “Ann Coulter, you’re not coming on this program and calling me a conspiracy theorist, are you? Really?”

“Oh, no. Just people like you, but not you, Glenn,” Ann responded. “I still maintain Republicans were fantastic. I think it’s great what happened over the last three weeks. I think it branded Republicans as the anti-Obamacare party. We’re not just letting the left consolidate their game,” Ann explained. “The Democrats look awful. Do not believe the polls of ‘all adults.’ Those are irrelevant. This, I think, should be energizing Republicans. But how long do you want them to hit their heads against the wall? We can’t get anything done unless we have a majority in the Senate. So stop blowing Senate races for Republicans. That’s a big lesson from this.”

(To listen to the entire interview click on this link)

Ann apparently thinks the Constitution Party serves cocktails and the Tea Party supporters are a bunch of Bible and gun clutching rednecks.

Sorry Ann, we are not that “unedumacated.”

Unfortunately for the Republican establishment and elites missed the point of the 2010 and 2012 elections. For the neocons like Ann and the simpletons like McCain those two points are quite simple:

1. We have had enough.

2. We will not comply.

It really was and always has been that simple. Yet the politicians we elected in many states including Florida have already acted to betray what they promised the voters. In my home state of Florida, Senator Marco Rubio(R-FL) demonstrated that his Presidential ambitions outweighed the principles he promised to many of us in person as well as via the media by embracing the very policies which are contrary to the causes he was elected to support. The most glaring example or a traitor to the movement would be the one and only Senator Jeff Flake(R-FL) who also illustrated that he was Senator John McCain’s new Tea Party pet in an attempt to pacify the angry voters in Arizona.

Fast forward to the debate of the past three months and understand why many of the Tea Party supporters are now skeptical of the very politicians they have elected.  The latest example did not occur with the debacle voted on while most Americans were asleep, but an election in New Jersey for the vacant Senate seat which Governor Chris Christie (Republican and former Ann Coulter mancrush)  could have appointed a conservative stalwart but instead demonstrated his weasel-ability by calling for a special election; something his Democrat Party counterparts would never do. The end result of this election was abundantly clear when the revelation on Monday was made about how much money the national Republican Party made to Tea Party candidate Steve Lonegan:


The result of this election was easy enough to figure out with the national money as a corrupt criminal from Newark, Mayor Cory Booker won the election which could easily have been a Republican victory if Ann’s fatboy, Chris Christie and the national party had offered any support.

Need those of us who are disgusted with the RNC say more El Rushbo, Ann, Dr. Bill Bennett, and Hugh?

Thus I must now call into question the principles of Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. Besides the obvious capitulation of the Tea Party favorites after the closed door Senate berating they faced. If these men, along with the seventy or so House of Representative members truly believe they are on the precipice of saving the Republic and changing history, then why are they continuing to support and submit to the very political party which is assisting in the destruction of this nation for the personal profit of its leadership? If Obamacare is such a horror for the majority of us as we were reminded by those “Tea Party conservatives,” where are those leaders we elected calling for a boycott encouraging citizens to pay the fine if they can self-insure and avoid signing up through the exchanges in an act civil disobedience?

The reality should now dawn upon the Americans who created the Tea Party and 9-12 movements that we are facing the same betrayal that we did with the election of Newt Gingrich and the “Contract with America” clowns of the mid-1990’s; we are about to be sold a lie so they can now profit also.

I present a challenge not only to the Tea Party supporters and those who have busted their balls to help the Ted Cruz’s and Curt Gowdy’s of the world win office:

Demand honor and honesty or drop all support for those candidates who fail to abide by our wishes.

My proposal is simple, modest, and the only path left for those men and women of honor who claim the Tea Party mantle is brutally difficult but the  only method left to save the Republic they so proudly proclaim to cherish:

Proceed to the respective floors of the House and Senate and announce that they are renouncing their alliance to and membership within the Republican Party. This must be followed by an announcement that they will refuse to caucus with either party and vote for only those laws, those measures that are Constitutional and using the powers vested within each branch, such as the filibuster, will obstruct, block and refuse to support any measure which is contrary to their conscience.

IF these politicians are truly honorable, they will announce that on February 13, 2014 there will be an assembly at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA to announce the establishment of a truly “Conservative” political party to begin the mission of defending our freedoms  and saving what is left of the Republic by rolling back over 100 years of the Progressive Democrat and Republican party movement.

This was the solution envisioned within the creation of the Republican Party in 1854 and  the very words of Senator Charles Sumner are as true in that era as they are today:

“Not in any common lust for power did this uncommon tragedy have its origin. It is the rape of a virgin Territory, compelling it to the hateful embrace of slavery; and it may be clearly traced to a depraved desire for a new Slave State, hideous offspring of such a crime, in the hope of adding to the power of slavery in the National Government.”

The “Slave State” of today is that portion of the public subservient to the Federal Government which continues to survive and thrive; as the willingness to expand that state is the very dagger which will kill the principles our Founding Fathers fought and died for. The next ninety days will indeed determine if the Tea Party political elites are of principle or profit and the first action they, and other Constitution minded politicians including like minded Democrats could take is to shatter the status quo and do what must be done to save the last vestiges of freedom before it is truly too late.


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