R.I.P. USA November 21, 2013


by John Galt
November  21, 2013 21:00 ET


This afternoon, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) pulled the trigger on the so-called “Nuclear Option” which reverses 224 years of precedent, procedure, and legal proceedings in that once honorable legislative branch known as the Untied States Senate. While many will blame this action on the current-day crop of neo-Marxist/Progressive Democrats and ineptness of the Republicans, the reality is that this is the fault of the bankers like J.P. Morgan who founded the Federal Reserve, Woodrow Wilson, and purchased politicians who expedited the 17th Amendment into passage despite numerous irregularities in the process.

If anyone thinks elections do not have consequences, I present Senator Reid in all his glory:


The man is a bold faced liar, con man, and criminal and should be impeached then imprisoned in a cell with hardcore rapists and murderers. However, this righteous fantasy does not delude the reality of the death of our Republic tonight. In fact, I present three soon to probably be real, yet fictional scenarios for my readers to ponder:

– On July 6, 2014 at 11:55 p.m. EDT, President Obama signs an Executive Order instituting limitations on the amount of ammunition any individual who is not currently in the  military or working in law enforcement. The order is published on WhiteHouse.gov at 2:37 a.m. on July 7, 2014 and at 4:15 a.m. Federal officers from BATF and DHS working within the anti-terrorism group under the authority blow the windows on Bobby’s house in rural Indiana and using robots, dogs, and heavily armed personnel enter the premises tasering the children and wife, while knocking Bobby to the floor with a rifle butt. He is hauled off to a Federal detention facility along with twenty other men wearing black hoods over their heads and advised that they will not have the right to an attorney for 180 days until their motives for storing all the ammunition can be determined.

–  In late August of 2014, the FCC institutes a modern variation of the Fairness Doctrine called the “Equality in Broadcasting” (EIB) regulation which forces news talk stations to broadcast 1 hour of NPR or Voice of America domestic service during any 3 hour program whether syndicated or locally produced. A news talk station in Scranton, PA decides to proceed with their normal broadcast schedule one day after the regulation is issued, yet nobody has received the written text for compliance. After receiving the notification, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity all experience time delays in two hours of their daily programming as the station complies with the order. However, because the station did not comply within 24 hours of issuance, it is seized by the U.S. Government and converted to NPR 24/7.

– Sometime in the future, a married couple is informed by their teenager that their “sex video” was posted on the internet. Shocked the two parents demand their child show them the website and after hiring a computer geek, discover that their iPhone camera was activated by a NSA contractor who decided to taunt the couple because of their conservative beliefs.

– In early 2015, a truck driver is pulled aside off I-70 for an inspection by a DHS VIPR team under the claim that they are searching for terrorists. During the search, the driver is ordered to strip and submit to a cavity exam on the side of the road. There is very little privacy and the driver mouths off then resists and is beaten then tasered by angry officers. Despite video evidence, none of the Feds are charged with violating the driver’s rights and he is charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism.

What recourse will these poor souls, or YOU have in an Obama Justice Department proceeding?





Worse off, odds are you will not be appointed an attorney until the government decides to put you up for a show trial. In fact it is far worse than that because without Constitutional protections, private property rights (aka, eminent domain), the right to travel without encumbrance, or even the right to speak out against the government for actions one feels are unjust are now at risk. The Republicans would try to convince everyone that they will do something to stop this regime, but what? And worse off, to demonstrate their hypocrisy, when?

Once Supreme Court justices Scalia and Thomas pass on to the great courthouse in the sky, the Obama regime will stuff the courts and every Constitutional Amendment, including the 22nd, is in play thus allowing for revocation of rights or circumventing of laws with impunity.

If anyone thinks that this action today does not have an immediate impact on the future of Obamacare cases in the court, individual freedoms, and Constitutional guarantees, I present to my readers one reply:

Federal District Court Judge, the Honorable Van Jones

America died today.

Few people care.

Many more will perish asking why they were not warned. Welcome to 1970’s East Germany or 1984 Romania.

Here is our future, the past repeating in a bloody manner, once again:

NICOLAE_CEAUSESCUjgflaNicolae Ceaușescu

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