Congrats to Obama as Libya Adopts Sharia Law

  by John Galt December  4, 2013 21:30 ET Woo-Hoo!!!! Everyone get your favorite pet rock out in Benghazi or Tripoli as it is time to get stoned on your neighbor! No, I do not mean like Colorado or Washington state stoned you stupid progressives, I mean Biblical or Koranic stile throw a 5 pound piece of rock upside your neighbor’s child, wife, or husband’s head for violating that age old standard known as Sharia law. From AlJazeera tonight: Libya assembly votes for Sharia law Excerpted from the link above: Libya’s…

How Chinese Data Predicted a Crappy Christmas Retail Season

  by John Galt December  4, 2013 21:15 ET   The initial reports about Rude Shopping Day Thursday (Thanksgiving evening) and Black Friday are out and guess what? They sucked compared to last year…. Black Friday Weekend Spending Drop Pressures U.S. Stores The story above from Bloomberg has the following quotation which tells the tale of the tape: Purchases at stores and websites fell 2.9 percent to $57.4 billion during the four days beginning with the Nov. 28 Thanksgiving holiday, according to a survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation. While…

12/4 1806 ET BREAKING NEWS: Hijacked truck with Radioactive Materials in Mexico City recovered-cargo gone!!!

  by John Galt December  4, 2013 18:09 ET 1820 ET: Now confirmed with AP also…at this link. Breaking per Fox News Channel live with Brett Baier: The truck with the missing radiological materials has been recovered but the cargo is gone!!!!! The cargo contained medical equipment containing Cobalt-60 (Click here for more info on the material) which according to many sources can be used to make a “dirty bomb”….   Stay tuned as I have more to say on this later!!!

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