The 2 Hour John Galt – Natty Bumppo Inteview via GLPVC


by John Galt
January  31, 2014 19:30 ET

To begin with, I must thank Phen, Rags, and the entire GodLike Production staff for allowing me to post this interview with their permission. I revealed a few items that normally I would save for my Friday night program where GLP and the RawFeedLive staff extracted answers I do not think they were prepared for about the economy, geopolitical instability, and of course, the State of the Union that the Kenyan-in-Chief failed to cover.

While the Illegal Alien in Chief failed to mention that there is a crisis in our nation, this two hour show exposed the reality of the TRUE state of crap we are now living through.

For those who are weak of heart and might object to a wee bit of rough language, pass on this thread, for those with a pair, a cocktail, and an underground bomb shelter, enjoy two hours of doom which makes the others look like pollys from heaven.




Last chance to tune out, the language is rough but too bad so sad if you hit “play”…..


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