03.01 BREAKING NEWS 0815 ET: Crimean city of Kerch now Under Russian Military Control


by John Galt
March 1, 2014 08:15 ET


The video above was from this morning in the Crimean city of Kerch on the eastern portion of the peninsula where the Russian military was ferried across overnight. Per the news service Kerch.FM the city square was occupied and the Russian flag raised over the city this morning (translated via Google):

On the main square of Kerch raised the Russian flag


On the main square of Kerch raised the Russian flagIn Kerch on Lenin Square hoisted the flag of Russia. Protesters attached to the flagpole and raised the flag of Russia with its flag Kerch.

During the flag-raising anthem sounded Rosii. General rejoicing. People waving flags of Russia.

Stay tuned as some internet reports are reflecting the Russian military is on the move towards other Ukrainian military facilities on the peninsula this morning.



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