The Dangerous Game of Donetsk in the Ukraine

  by John Galt March 3, 2014 23:35 ET Earlier this morning in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, there was a massive Russian inspired protest which ended with the local Ukrainian government administrative building being over run by protesters (video via YouTube/EuroNews):     If anyone has half a brain the would understand the strategic and historic relationship of this city along with Kharkov (also Kharkiv) to how the Russians view this region within their sphere of influence. Even Reuters understood the importance of this protest almost 12 hours ago: Pro-Russia…

03.03 Video of Russian Troops Encircling Ukrainian base near Kerch in the Crimea

  by John Galt March 3, 2014 23:15 ET Needless to say the local media which has filmed this is sympathetic to the Russians however it must be noted that there appears to be no immediate indication of hostile action imminent despite the protests and whining of the US political elites. Video via YouTube, LiveLeak, and Kerch.net:     I guess if there is not slaughter the American media will be somewhat disappointed.

03.04 Overnight Thread for Asian Stock Markets: Urkainidoom or Dead Putin Bounce?

  by John Galt March 3, 2014 22:45 ET I’ll keep it simple tonight. The charts below reflect the insanity of bankster manipulated markets looking for a parking place for their fiat bullcrap currencies. I can clue you in that Europe and Russia are not their first choices for creating a faux rally. One thing for sure, if people believe Obama and the US politicians on television, well, nothing will happen beyond the emperor using his pen and his phone. The markets will predict the real outcome. First up, Japan’s Nikkei…

Russian Stock Market Crash due to Ukraine Crisis now down 12%+

  by John Galt March 3, 2014 07:24 ET Despite the massive intervention by the Russian central bank to support the Ruble at the 36 level using almost 2% of their reserves, the MICEX stock market continues to plummet as investors panic over the prospect of a war in the Ukraine: (chart via YahooFinance) That boys and girls is what a stock market crash looks like. No buyers, no support, and no reason to believe that a war with a neighbor will be profitable.  

The 3 Market Charts to Watch During the Russia Ukraine Crisis

  by John Galt March 3, 2014 07:15 ET While there has been way to much flapping of gums by the mainstream media who are essentially clueless about the crisis emerging in the former states of the Soviet Union, the markets have a method for providing insight as to the true impact of the events as they unwind and how severe the impact will be. Investors as a general rule are not stupid when they act as individuals wishing to protect their own capital and profit from the stupidity of the…

03.03 European Stock Markets Down 1%+ Due to Russian Bear Scare

  by John Galt March 3, 2014 06:58 ET The Asian debacle has now rotated around to European stocks with the Ukraine crisis growing more tense by the moment. Most of the European markets are down 1%+ with some areas taking this weekend’s developments harder than others. The UK FTSE 100 is down about 1.7% at the time of this posting: (all charts from YahooFinance)   The German Dax is the real story taking the prospects of a possible shooting war to its east and trade sanctions against its largest energy…

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