Saudi Arabia Betrays Obama’s Policies and Bans the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization


by John Galt
March 7, 2014 23:45 ET


The graphic above indicates how serious the Interior Ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become about dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Kingdom of Qatar. The diplomatic spat between Qatar and Saudi Arabia certainly has become greater as the Saudis fear that the Qatari government might well be playing the Brotherhood against their interests in the Middle East, complicating their ability to expand their relationships with China, Europe, and quite possibly even Israel regarding dealing with their long time enemy, Iran.

The Arab News in Saudi Arabia discusses this action in the following story from the March 8th edition:

KSA tightens noose on Brotherhood terrorism

 Saudi Arabia has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and banned it and other organizations effective from March 8, according to an Interior Ministry statement.

The ministry issued a list of banned organizations that includes the ‘Saudi Hezbollah’ movement, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Qaeda in Yemen, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the Houthis in Yemen, the Saudi Press Agency reported, quoting the ministry.

The ministry stated that the ban includes organizations that have similar ideologies and known for their terrorist and violent behavior; and are on the lists of the UN Security Council and other international organizations.

The Kingdom banned these organizations based on the recommendations of a committee set up under a Feb. 3 royal order.

The committee consists of the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Islamic Affairs, and Justice, the Court of Grievances and the Board of Investigations and Public Prosecution.

The committee has to prepare and periodically revise lists of movements and organizations that threaten the religious, ideological, intellectual, political and national security of the country.

The recommendations have received royal approval, and will come into force from March 8.

The committee warned Saudi citizens and expatriates not to get involved with organizations inside and outside the country that promote extremist views.

The Kingdom has banned sacrilege in any form, including questioning the basic tenets of Islam, challenging the rulers of the country, and calling for or issuing religious edicts to fight in other countries.

Citizens and expatriates should also not join, support, sympathize with, or promote such groups. They should also not hold meetings for such organizations inside or outside the Kingdom.

The ban covers the promotion of these ideologies and activities in all print and electronic media outlets, including circulating the slogans, logos or any other symbols of such organizations.

It is also prohibited to make donations in cash or kind to these organizations, or harbor any of their members or promoters inside the Kingdom or abroad, the statement said.

It is not allowed to communicate with or contact organizations, movements or individuals hostile to the Kingdom. Citizens should also not pledge loyalty to any foreign country, or maintain contact with it to endanger the unity, stability and security of the Kingdom and its people.

The Kingdom has also banned participating in and promoting sit-ins, demonstrations, gatherings, and statements for any cause or activity that would threaten the unity and stability of the Kingdom.

What is truly amazing is that nations like the United States who declared  Egypt a “model revolution” as declared by the Hillary Clinton State Department in the name of the Obama administration, Qatar, and Europe have yet to take the action that Saudi Arabia has by declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Perhaps this is because too many of their operatives are operating in secret within the halls or as head of our CIA, State Department, Department of Homeland Security, or similar government agencies overseas.

It will be interesting to see how the House of Saud receives the various government officials within the United States who have been alleged to represent or have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Much more so will be the reaction, or lack thereof, of our State Department.

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