Archive for March 14, 2014 TEOTWAWKI with John Galt Radio Show now Available

  by John Galt March 14, 2014 22:40 ET Tonight’s radio show is one that I think everyone needs to listen to with an ear to the severity of the crisis emerging in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. If anyone thinks you’ll be able to buy silver and gold once the fertilizer hits the counter rotating air deflection device. To listen to the program click on this link to download from the Just Measures Radio website.  

03.14 BREAKING NEWS: Russian Bank Run OUT of Western Institutions Underway

  by John Galt March 14, 2014 19:40 ET The headline does not mince any words as indeed, the Russians are getting the hell out of the West in what can only be called a bank run which appears to have been underway for possibly the entire week. CNBC shockingly covered this as the opening story on Larry Kudlow’s program tonight as well as it being one of the headline stories at the DrudgeReport. First the breaking news tonight from the Financial Times: Russian companies withdraw billions from west, say Moscow…

03.14 BREAKING NEWS: Unknown Gunmen open Fire on Pro-Russian Protesters in Kharkov

  by John Galt March 14, 2014 19:12 ET There are numerous reports this evening of the Right Sector Movement, a pro-Ukranian government group allegedly attacking Russian citizens in Kharkov (Kharkiv) per Russia Today: Armed men from the radical Right Sector movement have attacked local self-defence activists in the eastern city of Kharkov, Itar-Tass reports citing local sources. At least three activists have reportedly been wounded by gunfire. The armed group of radicals had arrived from the West of Ukraine on a bus, local activists told Itar-Tass. “The outsiders are shooting…

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