TONIGHT ON THE TEOTWAWKI Radio Show at 9 PM – I choose who lives and dies

by John Galt March 21, 2014 20:30 ET Too many stupid people. Too little time. Tune in live tonight to prepare for either survival or submission. It is your choice! BAAAAAAAAAA….BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA To listen click on the link below at 9 pm ET which for those of you who voted for Obama is 8 pm CT, 7 pm MT, and 6 pm PT. Just Measures Radio Network

TSHTF Inflation

  by John Galt March 21, 2014 20:15 ET 20 cans of Tuna? Check 100 MREs? Check. 20 bushels of Corn? Check. 2 rolls of pre-1964 ‘Junk’ Silver dimes? Check. 400 rounds .22 LR? Check. 500 rounds .223 ammo? Check. Sounds like a nice stash of survivalist/prepper goods to start with doesn’t it? I could continue on with the list but it only begins to belie the myth that sadly so many members of the prepper community believe to be their ideal that they are 100% prepared for the collapse of…

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