The Faux Bull Stock Market is Spraying Bullsh** on the Idiots


by John Galt
April 7, 2014 23:30 ET


Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Where reality meets fantasy. Where Game of Thrones meets Geek living his life out as a Wall Street Trader. And where Dennis Gartman dares to counter against the opinion of a Merrill Lynch/Bank of America analyst who wore a flower in her hair to reflect the “April showers bring May flowers” mentality that they wish to impart on the terminally stupid of the 100 or so thousand people WORLDWIDE who might be watching this piece of crap channel at that moment this afternoon just before the market close:


Thank God she wore flowers in her hair to justify investing in an upcoming market crash to the 87 year old woman who has no damned clue in Boca Raton, Florida that she is nothing more than a rape victim for the stock market profiteers. The only thing that shocked me is that this dizzy broad said to invest in “Emerging Markets” because that is the future. You know, those nations about to get invaded, bombed into the Stone Age, impacted by nuclear terror, or Obama Progressivism like Libya.

Just over one hour later, Dennis Gartman, CNBC‘s only “legitimate analyst” shows up and proclaims the following like the bullshit artist that he is:



He’s short.

F**k you.

You are all about to die.

World War III is about to start and I want to own your stupidity.

The good news? He said “not” to buy gold yet:


I was worried we should not buy gold.

Panic off.


It’s a sad state of affairs when people who are long of what one SHOULD be buying physically is publicly telling everyone to panic. Ah well, the crash in two weeks or so will not directly be related  to the technical deterioration of the markets, something CNBCFBNBBG will ever admit too as they convince the suckers to buy the BS they sell to protect the banksters of the Fed and ECB.

The reality is that nationalism will surpass globalization for the first time in almost 80 years. And this failure to recognize a dramatic geopolitical shift will trigger the greatest panic in equity and bond markets in world history.

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