04.27.14 2000 ET BREAKING NEWS: Russian Military Medics ordered Prepare to Serve inside Ukraine

by John Galt
April 27, 2014 20:00 ET

This story from the news site, Russian Telegraph, on April 25th, appears to indicate a rapid acceleration into whatever plans Vladimir Putin may have for the Ukraine. Tonight, as this entry is being entered, he is in fact doing the following:


With that Tweet in addition to the story mentioned above should cause some degree of alarm in Western intelligence circles:

St. Petersburg military medics ready to ship to work in Ukraine

<translated via GoogleTranslate>

By order of the Ministry of Defense in the Military Medical Academy, the Kirov in the morning on April 25 were quickly formed military medical brigades.In team included military doctors of the number of officers and senior cadets WMA.They announced that there is work in the Ukraine.

As confirmed by the “Telegraph” workers of the Academy, on the eve of April 24, at about 22:00 of the Ministry of Defense was ordered urgent formation of medical teams to send them to Ukraine.

At 5:00 am on April 25 physicians were alerted and arrived at the location with a disturbing set of VMA.Since then, the personnel of military medical teams is in the academy. “Yes, sit and wait.But so far have not sent anyone anywhere, “- said the” Telegraph, “a source in the Naval Academy.According to him, while the possibility of sending already postponed several times command.

If indeed this is validated in the next 48 hours along with the armored brigades moving to within 1 km of the border as reported by the Ukrainian News Service, UNIAN, then indeed, war could start at any moment. However if Putin’s astrologer advises against it, the Ukrainians might get a break until May 1st or 9th, depending on where Libra, Virgo, and the moon are aligned.


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