Is President Obama Setting America’s Aircraft Carriers up for a Second Pearl Harbor?

by John Galt
April 28, 2014 19:00 ET

The weekly update on United States Naval Aircraft Carrier and LHA deployments from Stratfor this past Thursday, April 24th,  is alarming to say the least:


The ONLY aircraft carrier currently not in its home port is the USS GHW Bush which is in the sitting duck bathtub known as the Persian Gulf where it was making a port call in the Shiite-strife torn nation of Bahrain!


Based on the most recent positions of our carrier fleet and modern military combat, it would appear that quite possibly President Obama is copying the same type of set up that Franklin Delano Roosevelt allegedly allowed our battleships to be subjected to at Pearl Harbor in 1941! Is Obama looking for an excuse to justify an American entry to or surrender of our nation at the beginning of World War III? Every vessel in port is a sitting duck, much more so than when deployed at sea with all of their escorts and to make matters worse, the defense condition of this nation appears to be more concerned about the NBA playoffs, racism from NBA owners, the NHL, MLB, and whatever sex scandal claims the headlines of the day.

If indeed we decide to trade punches with the Russians and possibly Chinese in a conventional conflict on purpose or by accident, odds are we will lose most if not all of our expensive dinosaurs of this era, much like the battleships of 1941, in less than a day or two as they are bottled up in port waiting on orders for an emergency deployment. Should this occur, the President this time, unlike 1941, should be arrested and tried for treason by the House and Senate as soon as possible.

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  1. lets see, Reagan is radiated and Bush is a sitting duck.
    Is the Washington next, making up those that Obama despises.

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