Everyone Who Supports Obama can GO TO HELL!

by John Galt
May 14, 2014 18:00 ET

As I have elected to take some time off to reflect and refresh on a mini-vacation, the unfortunate side of reality, including my profession, has brought me back into the bitter, disgusting, and insane realization that America is infested with people who are:

a. Terminally Stupid

b. Terminally Lazy

c. Do not give one crap about anyone else, their freedoms or personal property.

I really tried to deny this was the case in America, thus I took the “Christian” or “Humanitarian” approach through life when dealing with morons but it didn’t turn out so well for Gandhi,Martin Luther King, nor the citizens of East Germany for almost fifty years, so I thought the hell with these people, it is time to treat them, exactly like they treat my family and myself.

Too my surprise, I thought this was a revelation that many of my friends and readers had reached already, but alas, there are just too many nice people on the religious right and actual non-Fox News/Talk Radio pro-Constitution movement. The reality is that no matter how nice you act, how much you try to use legal or ethical means to demonstrate that the supporters of Marx and progressivism are evil, vile, unintelligent, and untrustworthy some people will just never learn and continue with the naive view of “in the end we are all Americans, blah, blah, blah.” Of course that same courtesy is not applied in reverse because if one acts as a devout Christian or Jew, that soul is deemed intolerant in our society today. If one is a heterosexual and does not want their child to be taught homosexuality or fails to heap praise on a homosexual kiss via Disney’s ESPN, then that person becomes “homophobic” and of the cave man mentality. And of course, if one fails to support the Obama regime, his policies, or those of his “enlightened” supporters, the label racist or bigot is applied no matter the skin color of the individual who dares to not follow the Emperor. God forbid one supports the nebulous Tea Party or the Constitution because that now earns one the “terrorist” label immediately as opposed to groups like Boko Haram which took years of murdering Christians to earn from this vile government we now endure.

How does this really apply in everyday life? I found out this spring and to be honest, after a week of stupid people, ignorance as to how the real world works and costs those of us who wish to be productive Americans and once again have a great nation, it is not as hard as I thought.

A few months ago, one of my wife’s friends reminded her of the coming annual Girl Scout cookie purchase. I was already quite disgruntled with some of the affiliations with Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion/pro-alternative lifestyle groups which the organization had entwined itself with. Alas, it was no problem for me however as I reminded my better half that her friend was an Obama supporter so why should I support her daughter, her family  when all it will do is reward laziness and stupidity. As a result of my non-purchase of those cookies, I was able to stock up with another bottle of single malt Scotch and listen to the whining of how I should not have “punished” the child for her mother’s actions. I reminded my wife that if she is not taught the lesson that her mother’s actions have consequences then how indeed will she ever learn the evils of Marxism and Progressivism?

Let us not whine and cry about cookie sales crumbling however, let us get real in dealing with these mindless morons who support the usurpation of one’s freedoms and property. I personally have my own much larger program which is now 100% in force and have will use in real life. A wealthy progressive asked for my skills regarding computer repair, networking,  and electronics wiring in their home, yet due to their open support of the Obama regime and Progressive politics, I declined no matter the compensation and claimed to not know anyone  who could assist them. To this day, they are still trying to figure out how to get the work done for them, four months later.

If an attractive woman has the hood up on her car and is broken down on the side of the road in the desert or the Everglades,  but has an infamous pro-Obama or pro-Progressive organization/cause sticker on her car, she had best have alternatives no matter how attractive or how old and pathetic looking she may be.


Should a person who works for a union ask that I support their cause, their family, or their company and they openly admit support for the regime, I will turn my back and walk away from them. Even it means they end up begging at a food bank or leeching off the welfare system as is their usual pattern of behavior.

If an individual, a neighbor, hell, even a family member who openly supports this regime and Progressivism via the elites claims that I have the only blood type and/or body part like a kidney to keep themselves or a member of their family (yes, even a child) alive, I will turn my back on them and advise them to learn how to write up their will.

If I develop a cure for cancer, I will lock it away or destroy the formula, because apparently this society would simply continue replicating stupidity in such massive numbers that those of us who believe we should profit from our innovations will be condemned by the elitists now in control.

I am tired of the thievery of these animals and entitlement mentality. The only way to defeat a disease is to starve it to death, to quit feeding it until it withers away from starvation and neglect. It is time to go on strike not just with our economic power as the creators, but with our civility by treating them as they treat us. Those who denigrate what I believe in, my hard work, or my beliefs deserve neither my respect, politeness, nor reward. I say from this day forward:

Let them eat government handouts.

And that goes for the Republican Progressive elites who are supported by the likes of Karl Rove and John McCain also.


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