Was Tuesday’s Tea Party Disaster due to the “Beck Effect”?

by John Galt
May 21, 2014 05:50 ET


Last night the Tea Party was soundly trounced by establishment Republican candidates in Georgia, Kentucky, Idaho, Pennsylvania and Oregon during primary elections for Senate seats. What this means for the long term viability of the Tea Party is another question since it is not actually another political party but a grass roots movement based on a continuing rage against the policies which ignore conservatives and continue policies which are against that radical concept known as the US Constitution. Add in the nightmare in North Carolina a few weeks ago and it would appear that the concept of the Tea Party is now fading into American political history like the Dixiecrats and Ross Perot.

The larger question is was there a problem created by syndicated talk radio? A nebulous distortion of electoral intent of the people where the average voter who pays little attention to anything outside of the price of beer and gasoline has finally rejected the fingernails on the blackboard approach to politics as practiced by the likes of Glenn Beck.

American’s have the attention span of a speed addict in a Starbucks on their tenth venti whatever they drink, unable or unwilling to study elections and candidates and preferring to read short synopsis on their iWhatever and move on to the sports section or latest Hollywood porn. Despite the false perception that Republican voters are more studious and engaged during the primaries than their Democrat Party counterparts, the reality is that those who actually promote and push a candidate, especially Tea Party participants, are so small as a percentage of the voting public that there is little influence on the general electorate thanks to the mainstream media like Fox News and the rest of their ilk.

The business community, especially the US Chamber of Commerce, learned a tough lesson in 2010  by playing the electoral game via trusting their establishment machines. That was an egregious error and thus they invested heavily in 2012 to reverse the influence of the masses who were in full blown rebellion after the Obamacare debacle and other Obama policies and appointees were allowed to proceed without opposition by the Republican Party beyond a voice vote.

With the reality of last night however, immigration reform will not pass over the summer, the Republicans will get a green light to “modify” Obamacare to satisfy their wealthy donors, and any hopes of a conservative opposition mounting against the Boehner/Cantor/McConnell quasi-liberalism trifecta of leadership are now up in smoke.

Thus the inconsistencies of what I call the “Beck Effect” have now come home to roost. While some talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh only provided tepid support for FreedomWorks (another major loser) and other Tea Party type groups, the loudest voices on conservative talk radio put a large amount of personal capital and their reputations on the line with this primary election season. The voracity of their activity was being broadcast as a massive success story on the rise where the efforts of these various hosts, both nationally and locally, promoted a reality which did not exist, much like that of the 2012 Presidential election which was allegedly closer but then surrendered by Romney via his lousy Karl Rove inspired type campaign strategy. The loss of the talk radio impact will now be irreversible with the concepts of a modified version of the old “Fairness Doctrine” for radio and the internet all but guaranteed to pass an establishment Republican controlled Congress with Democratic Party help.

The people are tired. They are sick of false promises by politicians and talk show hosts alike. The theory that a third party is not the solution has once again been demonstrated to be a falsehood, one which continues to play into the hands of the Republican establishment and thus continue the pro-corporatist, pro-globalism policies started decades ago under John F. Kennedy and continued by both parties through this day and age. The “Beck Effect” is that no one cares about the crying on television and radio, no one wants to hear intimations that Jesus would vote for x or our nation is damned, and that America is doomed if the Republicans continue their policies and cooperation with the Democrats. Hell, we already knew all that.

The American people want solutions. They want people to put their money where their mouths are, not ask us, the broke and disgusted, to throw what little good money we have left after the bad which has been confiscated by the very Republican Party policies we despise. Instead of participating and following more false promises we want a true alternative but that message will not get through the heads of the talking morons on Fox, Clear Channel, or any other radio network. Thus “we the people” are quitting the nonsense except where we see that we can make a difference.

In the mean time, “we the people” are preparing our families to live in exile within the borders of our own nation; excluded from representative government, dealing with our rights being restricted based on how much we can donate to a candidate, and learning to live in the grey. That is the “Beck Effect” in reality, one where we are going Galt to deal with this New America where our voices are ignored and silenced.

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