The Shattered Trust is the End of the USA

by John Galt
June 3, 2014 00:00 ET

In all honesty, admit the truth my friends and fellow followers of freedom:

Who can you trust in the United States of America now?

The President, Supreme Court, and both Houses of Congress have lost the trust of the American people and rightfully so. They are elected to enforce the laws, write the laws, and protect this nation within the bounds of the Constitution, yet they violate that trust an almost hourly basis with decisions, votes, and edicts far in excess of their granted power within the laws of the land. If anyone trusts these people, then one must ask themselves; if “I” do not trust them, how come few if any nations,be they ally or enemy trust their words, deeds, or actions as honest and trustworthy?

Of course as a result of the abuse of the people’s trust, the very regulators within the maze of bureaucracies created by the Federal Government now feel they can act with impunity, stealing people’s property, their rights as defined by the Bill of Rights within the Constitution, and ultimately their freedoms. Since their are no consequences, no enforcement of the Constitution nor the rule of law they are now telling people how to live their lives and those who do not fall in line with their beliefs are both persecuted then often prosecuted. The level of distrust extends from the head of the various cabinet level departments down to the janitors within those fiefdoms. Sadly, it the distrust now extends to the United States Post Office even where individuals put items in the mail unsure if they are being checked for value to be stolen or monitored for a National Security Agency or FBI premise to create an arrest. Yet most Americans just mutter their distrust and disgust and whine like an old Soviet citizen, doing nothing in the mean time to change our nation’s government.

Enough of the bitching and moaning about the Federal Government however; the state governments are far, far worse. The state and local police forces in many locales now believe they can behave with impunity against innocent civilians like throwing flash bang grenades into cribs of infants even thought the evidence used to justify a “no-knock” in violation of the 4th Amendment raid was dubious at best:

Baby in Coma After Police ‘Grenade’ Dropped in Crib During Drug Raid


The story via ABC News and other sources is not only shocking, but disgusting:

ABC US News | ABC International News


Of course the powers that be will justify this as they have with every other raid against INNOCENT civilians who had nothing to do with the fabricated war on drugs. Yet this so-called war is only the tip of the iceberg; how can one trust any local or state politician when insanity and anti-Constitutional rules the roost where eminent domain is used to seize property for private developers, international trade routes, or worse, “environmentalist” whack job justification!?!?!?

But don’t worry; those are just “isolated” incidents. Of course one’s neighbor would never create false justifications to have you arrested for violation of some obscure law to get a reward or seize part of your property, right? Uh, no, it is called “see something, say something” and as I warned years ago, in the article:

I am a Patrioterrorist

It was one of my most popular articles and trust me, after hundreds of thousands of reads for the documents I embedded, why would anyone in their right mind trust their barber, their priest, the plumber, the gardener, the cable installer or especially, one’s banker?!?!?!?!? Don’t believe me? Read this DHS brochure about spotting “terrorists” in “electronic stores” from the very same article linked above:

But don’t worry; stupid, ignorant MSM related talk show hosts will tell you “trust” is the only way to save the nation. Really? Let’s review national and local talk show hosts for a moment.

For just over tow decades, Rush Limbaugh said “work within the Republican Party” to change the nation. The result? An alleged Islamist President with quasi-Marxist Supreme Court justices and members of the legislature now hold the reigns of power over our heads like a guillotine. Thanks Rush, Like I should trust you who will put our money where your mouth is. Of course he isn’t the only one; their are entire networks dedicated to provide Monica Lewinsky type service to the sheeple to convince them that “Republicans” will be their saviors. After 6 years of lies, deception, and broken promises why would anyone in their right mind believe anything on network television or national yet even local radio to “support” their alleged false causes for freedom.

Let’s take this one step further. If any national host fails to offer the radical solution then they are mainstream; then again, how can one trust anyone on national, syndicated, or local radio or television if they proclaim that supporting the status quo, even if it means the now corrupted and untrustworthy Republican infiltrated “Tea Party” or similar organizations? Obviously, one can not yet most fools continue to, denying the reality that our nation parallels the US in 1860 and East Germany in 1960.

With our religious institutions by and large corrupted, our local law enforcement for sale now to the highest government bidder, our business partners we once trusted willing to sell us out for a profit, and of course, our neighbors looking for any opportunity to report us for a reward from the national or local quasi-police state, then then that just leaves our immediate family as ones to trust, right?

Uh, no.

I actually know someone who had their parents turn against them to seize the family from the husband and wife’s control Hell, the school systems are teaching children to rat out Mom and Dad for anti-Statist behavior!!!!


UNESCO- The Role of Early Childhood Education to a Sustainable Society

But don’t worry. American children would never turn their parents into the authorities just because they were taught to do so just like the British school children are, right?

Uh, sorry, no once again.

Unless one home schools their children or sends them to a responsible private school, one must assume the programming is well under way and an ignorant android working for the state is being created.

Sadly, this is where we are at. Americans are lazy. Migrating to a Stasi like police state is one Executive Order away and most Americans would prefer that than thinking about their own protection or ability to run their own lives. Why should you trust me or vice-verse is hilarious since I have penned everything under a surname for over a decade yet you, my readers, continue to read my entries.


Because unlike politician, talk show hosts, media sources, advertisers, educators, or family members, I do not give one flying crap if you trust me, believe me, or listen to me. I trust, right or wrong, your integrity to do your job, get up off your asses and verify what I say. OF course just plugging back into the Matrix, just as everything is about to fall apart, does sound rather attractive about now, doesn’t it?

Trust me.

I’ve thought about it also.

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