06.06 TEOTWAWKI Radio Show: A Dangerous Stock Market and Economic Game

By John Galt
June 6, 2014 17:45 ET


Tonight we will be spending more time on the markets as there is a dangerous game being played by the ECB, Draghi, and our banksters here at home as the risk of hyper deflation is now upon us. Will Europe crash the world or does the Fed and ECB have a mutual suicide pact and the Bank of England is thinking about quitting before the gun goes off in their face.

Tune in to find out more including the usual insanity known as the new from around the globe….

To listen click on the link below at 9 pm ET which for those of you who voted for Obama is 8 pm CT, 7 pm MT, and 6 pm PT.

Just Measures Radio Network

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