Just Another Anonymous Victim of the Economic Recovery

by John Galt
June 6, 2014 05:00 ET


A man died in my neck of the woods yesterday.

Thus far, he is only another anonymous voice silenced by a gunshot.

His family has probably been notified of his death by now, yet nobody outside of that group will care. The foreign bankers who used their power as owners of the debt owed on this property could care less. The President of the United States could not care less. And most of my readers will care less.

Sadly, I did, until I realized the pain that someone must have been suffering in this grand economic recovery which the American media shamelessly promotes while I see much of the opposite outside of the Federal and financial empires. The propaganda war has been won as now the majority of the mases dismiss the poor slugs pushing stolen shopping carts as the “dregs” of society as they fight with their fellow homeless mates over this:


The “new poor” are easy to recognize; they have the fresh knife wounds to their forearms, from fending off other homeless struggling to survive but more experienced in the simplistic Darwinist world of the America that our nation ignores.

While many people isolate themselves from reality by watching CNBC or CNN, network television or happy-happy local news programs, the reality is that there is a considerable amount of our fellow citizens suffering across the land of plenty.

How desperate are the average citizens? Apparently in Houston, TX the “Mad Max” syndrome has already begun:

Onlookers allegedly steal groceries from 23 year old woman killed in crash

Good thing the “energy boom” has lifted the larger cities in Texas out of their desperation.

New job creation will be the theme of today, but is one to believe it? You betcha unless one is a hater according to the media and politicians as McJobs are the new normal yet denied by the elites to cover for their failures and economic policy disasters. Full time job creation paying enough in wages to support a family of 2, 3, 4 or more appear to be rare much less any realistic employment which now offers more than 29 hours per week. America is a part time nation now and the deterioration in net income growth, or should I say the lack thereof since the mid to late 1990’s says it all for the middle and lower classes:

REAL_MEAN_HOUSEHOLD_CUMULATIVE_GROWTHdshort_jgfla(Chart courtesy of dshort.com aka Advisor Perspecdtives)

Yet despite the facts, despite the real net post-tax, post-Obamacare, post-necessity expenditures on food, shelter and energy, the media continues to report the middle class is doing better despite a massive increase in personal debt to substantiate and maintain their lifestyles or to keep up with the Kardashians.

Reality however, as what was presented today in this story from WWSB, Channel 7 in Sarasota:

Man found shot after deputies attempt to serve eviction notice

SARASOTA, Fla. — One man is dead after deputies attempted to serve an eviction notice.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, deputies with the with the SCSO Civil Section were attempting to serve an eviction notice at a home on Fraser Pine Boulevard in The Enclave neighborhood off Palmer Boulevard Thursday morning.

During the attempted service, a gunshot was heard from within the residence.

Deputies were able to secure the area and gain entry into the house. One occupant was found deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. There were no other occupants in the house.

Is this story unique to the United States of America now?


It happens every day and receives little if any coverage even by the local media and never by the national media unless multiple law enforcement officers are killed or wounded.

However, one day, as I warned about several years ago during the peak of the 2007-2009 crisis, someone will resist again using brute force. Unfortunately law enforcement officers, acting as the servants of the bankers, will lose their lives once again. The second wave of the crash is here yet nobody wants to recognize the shocking impacts of the final phase of America’s final, if not terminal financial collapse.

For those that do recognize it before the masses, the sound will be quite distinct:

Like that of a single gunshot to the head, as was heard this morning by a now distraught civilian employee of the Sarasota Sheriff’s office.

All because we are told everyday, every night via the electronic media about the economic recovery, that wasn’t.


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