07.04.14 Hurricane Arthur: My Only Yawnadvisory

by John Galt July 4, 2014 11:20 ET Gang, I apologize for not having my usual posting of pics, warnings, doom, death, destruction, or other terror from a, gasp, “hurricane” but my lack of activity this week was due to some meat world concerns about my economic future thus kept me from my appointed rounds. Hurricane Arthur sucked for those impacted by the storm but it was not the big deal the mainstream media attempted to make it out to be this time. The next storm, that could be another story….

07.04 TEOTWAWKI RADIO SHOW: Live and America’s Birthday- Is it the last one?

JULY 4, 2014 19:00 By John Galt Tonight I review the headlines, the job numbers which were not as great as everyone promotes, and a variety of subjects regarding Wookie sexuality, the end of global warming, and of course, the America that I remember not the one envisioned and promoted by the new order. Tune in to find out more including the usual insanity known as the new from around the globe…. To listen click on the link below at 9 pm ET which for those of you who voted for…

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