Today was Hypocrisy Day: Governor Rick Perry and President Obama Demonstrate Why

by John Galt
July 9, 2014 21:40 ET

While today was just a normal work day for millions of Americans, the “honorable” Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, and President Barry Soetero demonstrated today that hypocrisy day for American political leadership might as well be every day. How so? Let’s start with the bullcrap artist known as Rick Perry.

I. Rick Perry is a Lying Hypocrite

Gee whiz one might say, isn’t that a bit harsh? I want everyone to think about the past fertilizer sprayed by this so-called “conservative” governor be it about the requirements for Gardasil shots for minor females in the state of Texas or his hypocrisy about the border, there are several issues which point out why his “meeting” tonight and his strong words are hollow and false to this intrepid reporter.

Does everyone or anyone remember his support for the so-called Trans-NAFTA Superhighway? It was not until the citizens of Texas expressed extreme outrage that he backed down. Yet despite his political position, meetings about the TTC (Trans Texas Corridor) continue to this day, mostly consisting of wealthy international businessmen and bankers who have supported Governor Perry in the past.


On the larger picture of “comprehensive immigration reform,” Governor Perry was for reform, including a version of the DREAM Act,  before he was against it. In 2006 he joined then President George W. Bush in Laredo, TX when Bush  was promoting a comprehensive program in the Congress. Yet recently, to whore for conservative talk show hosts and votes nationwide he is suddenly against the very legislation he supported throughout the Bush Presidency and during his support of the TTC! To make matters worse, what Governor Perry nor any other border state Republican governor will reveal is that they could build a border fence on their own without Federal Government approval and 100% immune from US Government interference thanks to a legitimate 10th Amendment defense. I’ll be willing to bet that my readers will not hear that on any Clear Channel conservative talking head program any time soon.

Governor Perry could call a special session of the Texas Legislature due to a declaration of a state of emergency and request not just the construction of a Trans-Texas border fence in lieu of the Federal government following the law. However, he will not because he cut a political deal with Obama today and will once again betray his fellow Texans. The fence could have been constructed two, three, four, or even six years ago. So why didn’t Governor Perry act? Is he a coward or a liar or worse, a bought and sold hypocrite like his friend former President George W. Bush?

I lean toward the latter.

Texas could easily construct and fund this fence identical to the security fence outside of San Diego, California by simply imposing a tax on all energy produced within the state of Texas of 1% on every gallon of finished petroleum products and or 1000 BTUs which will then allow the cost to the state to be mitigated by OTHER states which favor illegal immigration to pay for the building of this fence. It could be constructed 1 km outside of the Federally controlled border region and based on the opinions of my friends along the border and commentary from landowners in the region, Eminent Domain would only rarely be needed as most property owners would voluntarily cede a 500 meter wide strip of their property(ies) to the state for this purpose.

So Governor Perry, where is your strong defense of the 10th Amendment and the true desire to guarantee the safety and security of the state of Texas now you hypocrite?

II. President Obama is the Ultimate Confidence Artist


Shocking news.

Perry did this meeting for show to bolster his loyalties for the 2016 Presidential race. Obama took this meeting to get a political blowjob  from a Republican Governor who is loyal to dollars, bankers, and the same contributors that put Obama into office. Obama wants Perry to use his sway to get suckers like Glenn Beck and other so-called Christian conservatives to assist the Federal Government in the care of the illegals as they cross at the urging of his very own State Department while at the same time dispersing these individuals across the states weakened by a  Sunbelt migration to bolster their flailing population numbers.

Obama’s legacy is an attempt at comprehensive immigration reform but in reality it is to rebuild the lost populations of the economically bankrupt regions of Michigan, New York, New Jersey, etc. in a last ditch effort to retain political power and put the final nails in the coffin of Constitutional conservatism before his term is over. If anyone believes he cares one iota about some 4 year old girl from El Salvador where his Communist idol from the 1980’s finally won the Presidency, then please, contact me via email so I can sell you a beautiful 10,000 square foot mansion in the middle of the Everglades.

Only a moron or someone who enjoys being anally raped would believe anything emanating from this White House now.

In the end, the illegal aliens will be allowed to stay. The mainstream media will suppress stories about the spread of anti-biotic  resistant diseases spreading across the country due to this illegal migration. The conservative talk show community will pat themselves on the back, Rick Perry will run for President and lose again because he gaffes more then Bush, and most Americans will continue their mental iMasturbation of reality television, video games, or now legalized drugs.

Enjoy it my fellow Romans, our days are numbered.

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