07.14 1800 ET BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Invasion of Gaza Strip to Begin Any Moment

by John Galt
July 14, 2014 18:03 ET


The precursor this blogger reported on over the weekend was just that, a softening up of positions as was the commando raid to attack a rocket facility and obtain intelligence on Hamas’ military strength and effectiveness.

This just came in via some trusted sources of mine in Israel:

All schools at every level, preschool through college and university are closed immediately.

All hospital beds which have non-life threatening patients are being cleared and the patients sent home for home care.

Civilians are being warned to avoid recreational areas until further notice.

This is the true last minute warning before a major ground offensive begins and odds are Israel will have to attack Lebanon and Syria due to rocket activity incoming into Northern Israel from that region. Stay tuned for updates.

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