Don’t Worry, Third World Contagious Diseases Can’t Strike Here (Until they Do)

by John Galt
August 10, 2014 17:30 ET


The United States population has had their collective wits scared by movies like Contagion, but when the real deal hits, the MSM and government does all it can to bury it. In the previous article I posted on Ebola it can only be expected that via the internet their will be those who deny the threat, those that panic, and the usual crowd who believes the government bullcrap that “it can’t happen here.”

Gang, with regards to “Ebola” I can happily say “not yet” as far as we know.

But other diseases from third world countries which have not been a problem in the United States for decades? Think again.

From 11 Alive News in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday August 8th:

3 dead in TB outbreak at Atlanta homeless shelters

 Carla Caldwell, Atlanta Business Chronicle 11:41 a.m. EDT August 8, 2014

ATLANTA — Three people who were homeless have died in connection with a tuberculosis outbreak involving Atlanta shelters, reports Georgia Health News.

GHN reports the latest TB death occurred last week at Grady Memorial Hospital, according to Nancy Nydam, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Health.

The number of TB cases in 2014 involving homeless shelters in Fulton County has increased to 28, including two shelter volunteers, GHN said.

The Georgia Department of Public Health sent a letter to churches whose volunteers serve in homeless shelters, urging that volunteers be screened for TB.

The letter, dated Aug. 1, notes that volunteers who get TB could potentially infect their own family members, friends and co-workers, “especially where there is prolonged close contact, typically several hours and usually in a poorly ventilated area.”

Take that entire story in and remember what it said about tuberculosis. Then replace TB with the word “Ebola” and start thinking about the implications of Ebola filtering to the lower class levels of American society; into the homeless population, the illegals who cling together and never report their illnesses to the authorities, or worse, and the poor who are enslaved to the government via the welfare system.


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