08.22 TEOTWAWKI 2 Hour Radio Special: Natty B joins me in Hour 2 as the World Implodes

by John Galt
August 21, 2014 20:30 ET


Natty Bumppo (Bobby from Just Measures) is going to join me on the air Friday night after the 9 pm ET break to discuss the Ebola crisis further, which keeps expanding even more rapidly than originally projected, the precious metals markets, and how the economy functions in a cashless society.


So bring your chip implanted hand and your favorite cocktail to the computer or favorite listening device as the news in Hour 1 will put you in the fetal position and hour 2 with Natty Bumppo will have you wishing you had taken the time to learn how to make your own moonshine.

(Mother Earth will be heard 1 hour earlier at 7 pm ET)

To listen click on the link below at 8 pm ET which for those of you who voted for Obama is 7 pm CT, 6 pm MT, and 5 pm PT.

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