08.27.14 1830 ET: Reports Russian Armor has Invaded Ukraine, Heading towards Mariupol

by John Galt
August 27, 2014 18:30 ET

While the “one” continues to golf, the world moves forward in a perilous fashion. Reports are coming from the Ukrainian government and numerous reliable sources via Twitter and domestic news services that Russian troops have indeed crossed the frontier in Southeastern Ukraine and are well on their way to sealing the escape routes via the Sea of Azov creating panic in Kiev as the Ukrainian military appears to be disintegrating in the Donbas and facing possible annihilation in retaliation for the actions of the mercenary forces recruited by the Poroshenko government.


The Interpreter blog, a fairly reliable website despite some pro-Kiev propaganda published the following this evening:

Russian troops are advancing on Mariupol and Volnovakha through Novoazovsk (map of the area).

Vladimimr Kochetkov-Sukach, former Azov fighter and now volunteer in the ATO zone, has spoken to TV channel 112 Ukraina, UNN reports.

The Interpreter
has provided a translation:

“We know that they have occupied one part of the city, virtually from the other side, across the river. Our units are located there. For now they are actively attacking the city. Shelling has been going on constantly, but there haven’t been such active combat in the middle of town yet,” he said.

He added that the situation is complicated by the fact that a large vehicle convoy is moving toward Volnovakha.

Now, according to him, there is talk of the possible surrounding of Novoazovsk, and Mariupol is awaiting a difficult situation in the future.

Add in the apparent series of concerned postings on Twitter, it would appear that even the US State Department has acknowledged the gravity of this crisis:

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The Ukrainian government has every right to freak out if this is indeed true as the forces appear to be armored infantry supported by heavy armor.


If the Russians succeed in cutting off the Ukrainians in the Sea of Azov then it is only a matter of time until the pro-Russian forces crush the Ukrainian military and their mercenary allies in the pockets and salients around Donetsk and Lugansk leaving Poroshenko’s ability to defend Kharkov, Odessa and perhaps even Kiev in doubt.

Meanwhile Obama shot a dismal 21 during his 18 hole outing today. Perhaps he should play with North Korea’s leader to get some tips on how to improve his game.

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