SITREP Map of Donbas Ukraine Operations as of Aug 31 – It doesn’t look good for Kiev Government

by John Galt
September 1, 2014 21:30 ET

The following SITREP map is courtesy of the website:

karta_ahartin_31_aug(click on thumbnail to enlarge)

The bottom line is as follows:

  • Mariupol is encircled via all land routes. Unless the Ukrainian Navy wishes to test the Russian Navy, there will be no relief for the city of 500,000 until the rebels seize control and oust the pro-Kiev government.
  • There are now 8 pockets of Ukrainian troops and mercenaries trapped in the Donbas counting the Mariupol encirclement. Needless to say, the “no quarter” order reportedly given by some rebel militia commanders for non-Ukrainian irregulars and foreign mercenaries could turn embarrassing as hell for NATO if the new DNR and LNR governments decide to hold public show trials before executing them. The Kiev government is refusing to allow those soldiers to surrender thus they are facing the daunting prospect of humiliation at home along with surrender and dishonor, or worse, total annihilation.
  • The Kiev government’s attempts at conscription are too little, too late as the forces within the Donbas pockets were their front line units thus leaving little behind them except for a few retreating debased groups along with inexperienced replacements. If Putin wants to push this offensive all the way to the Dnieper and Kharkov there appears to be little left military to stop his forces from moving north or west towards Odessa.

Once again the United States and European Union have nothing more than threats to offer against this offensive along with a terrifying increase in the global game of chess where Putin has already reminded the US and EU that the nuclear option is on the table. Stay tuned as I shall try to link to and bring this map to my readers as the situation changes.

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