Did the CIA Order the Execution of Steven Sotloff by ISIS?

by John Galt
September 2, 2014 20:50 ET





After the execution of James Foley, questions started to arise on the internet as to why the Islamist terrorists would capture an American reporter, keep him alive for almost 2 years, yet make no serious demands as to an exchange of Islamist prisoners or weaponry with Western powers or the United States for his release.

Fast forward to today. The Kurdish PKK, a quasi-Marxist “People’s Islamist” party which has no support in the Middle East because of their Cold War ties and refusal to cooperate with the Turkish dictatorship has made tremendous military advances against the ISIS forces in Northern Iraq and Kurdistan. With the PKK and elements of the Kurdish Pershmega advancing rapidly under US and UK air support, the risk of certain intelligence assets and information falling into their hands, out of control of the Iraqi and American government was or is only days away from happening.

This sudden decision to execute Steven Sotloff becomes even more puzzling because his alleged friendship he made with certain members of Al Qaeda apparently gave him inside information as to their activities against the Assad regime in Syria and the actions being taken by Islamist forces in the region.

Thus the disturbing action taken today by ISIS by releasing this video, apparently taken days ago and released before the scheduled time, without any analysis by the US and UK mainstream media as to why this execution occurred other than the tried and true, not to mention worn out, excuse of Islamists doing what they do because the victim was an American.

This brings into question as to why Sotloff, and perhaps the other journalists being held captive, are being killed or threatened with execution. If the United States wanted to impair the ISIS rebels, wouldn’t the USAF or our allies launched attacks on the Abrams tanks (reportedly 30+ now) plus other former American armored equipment and combat helicopters seized by ISIS?



To analyze the logic behind this move by ISIS today, one has to rewind all the way back to Benghazi, Libya where a certain infamous former Secretary of State asked the question:



If anyone has followed my original thread and logical thesis on this subject, all the difference in the world:

The Assassination of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

So if weapons were transferred, using the United States Department of State’s para military security division and it’s private military contractors (aka, mercenaries), then the fair question again becomes this simple:

Were Libyan chemical weapons transferred to the Syrian rebels, including the CIA trained ISIS forces in Eastern Syria and along the Turkish border?

The evidence appears to indicate that the rebels obtained some sort of chemical weapons and if not from the Assad regime which kept those bases tightly secured and intact, then apparently from the CIA/State Department pipeline sponsored and funded by the  Qatari government.

UN accuses Syrian rebels of chemical weapons use

Of course the American media ignored or was ordered to ignore this independent United Nations report because it ran counter the to the propaganda theme concocted before the 2012 election cycle and the support of key war hawk Republicans like Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

This brings the story back to today, under the auspices of one poor reporter, captured trying to do his job by aligning himself in appearance only with Al Qaeda forces in Syria only to discover that ISIS was far worse than AQ and remembers previous betrayals of Islamist rebels in other theaters within the Middle East.

(Note: The following information is from a Blogger website titled “SyrianGirlPartisan” which apparently favors the Assad regime by posting and discussing stories in favor of Assad, yet the timeline appears logical to support the allegations I am theorizing about in this article)

In her blog posting about the execution of Steven Sotloff some information released by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a group of hackers, purports to reflect the following which was posted on her blog today:

Journalist Steven Sotloff who was kidnapped and beheaded by ISIS believed the Syrian rebels possessed and possibly used chemical weapons on Aleppo and wanted to report it leaked conversations show. American foreign fighter Matthew Vandyke who fought along side the Libyan insurgency and also went to Syria on a pro Syrian Rebel mission, revealed to Sotloff that he had information that Syrian rebels posed chemical weapons before they were used in Aleppo.

In another conversation Sotloff told Vandyke that he believed being kidnapped by AlQaeda group Jabhat Al Nusra would be a way to earn their trust. Vandyke agreed claiming some of the best connections he made with Al Qaeda groups were after being ‘arrested’. In another conversation Vandyke was very eager to meet with the AlQaeda group Jabhat AL Nusra and network with them.

The conversations where leaked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) who hacked Vandyke’s email and Facebook account. A Zip file of several hundreds of conversations can be downloaded here. Vandyke has confirmed that his Facebook account and email were hacked by the SEA, and other journalists have also authenticated that the leaked conversations are real and accurate.

While any mercenary’s information should be taken with a grain of salt, based on his affiliations and the weakened state of the Syrian government at this key period of time in 2013, one can not dismiss his statements from above out of hand. In fact this allegedly intercepted conversation may indeed provide a cause for American agencies to wish for the eradication of any sources which could prove US involvement in anti-Assad chemical weapons attacks on civilians:

Is the information presented above a shocker? No. Does it run consistent with the theory that the United States transported WMD’s from Libya (or other sources, perhaps Iraq) to the rebels in Syria? Yes.

More from the conversation intercepts:


Shocking yet? No, but then again the American public has become desensitized to the illegal activities of our State Department and intelligence agencies after decades of illegal activity. The conversation takes a bizarre turn for the worst however when Sotloff decides to offer a new method to verify the validity of the story about chemical weapons being used by the rebels:


While there are obvious propaganda values from this website publishing these intercepts or fabricating them, the deception of the Obama administration over Benghazi, our operations in Jordan and Turkey training ISIS forces, and the refusal to sanction nations which have financially supported these forces (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.) brings into question just how deep the CIA involvement with this group was, and if the attempt to frame the Syrian government over a chemical weapons attack was a feeble attempt to execute a false flag operation in order to drag American  military forces directly into the conflict.

Regardless of anyone’s conclusions, the CIA is notorious for eradicating “loose ends” like Sotloff before extracting themselves from an operation similar to this and since the ISIS forces appear to have gone rogue, it is only logical that anyone, despite their nationality, might well be terminated to preserve one of America’s darkest intelligence operations to supply, train, and arm the Syrian rebels; including those associated with Al Qaeda and now ISIS.

Too bad Steven Sotloff might have paid to protect this secret with his head:


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