What if it is not Ebola but a BioWarfare Weapon?

by John Galt
October 2, 2014 10:15 ET


This afternoon during my daily drives around paradise as part of my profession, I took the occasion to listen to the Sean Hannity Radio Show, something which happens infrequently due to my busy schedule.  At the bottom of the first hour a caller named “Mike” who claimed to be a scientist and  CEO of a large corporation during which he claimed that the government is in fact lying and that the disease currently causing problems in Dallas, TX and throughout West Africa is not Ebola but in fact the Marburg Virus (listen at this link towards the 24:50 mark). FWIW, the caller was indeed verified by Hannity’s staff so the conversation was quite disturbing not just because of his conclusions, but the other drastic paths his information could lead anyone with a brain into concluding.

Before proceeding to a very dark conclusion, first a brief education about the Marburg Virus aka Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever courtesy of the CDC website:

Marburg hemorrhagic fever (Marburg HF) is a rare but severe hemorrhagic fever which affects both humans and non-human primates. Marburg HF is caused by Marburg virus, a genetically unique zoonotic (or, animal-borne) RNA virus of the filovirus family. The five species of Ebola virus are the only other known members of the filovirus family.

Marburg virus was first recognized in 1967, when outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever occurred simultaneously in laboratories in Marburg and Frankfurt, Germany and in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia). Thirty-one people became ill, initially laboratory workers followed by several medical personnel and family members who had cared for them. Seven deaths were reported. The first people infected had been exposed to imported African green monkeys or their tissues while conducting research. One additional case was diagnosed retrospectively.

The reservoir host of Marburg virus is the African fruit bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus. Fruit bats infected with Marburg virus do not to show obvious signs of illness. Primates (including humans) can become infected with Marburg virus, and may develop serious disease with high mortality. Further study is needed to determine if other species may also host the virus.

This Rousettus bat is a sighted, cave-dwelling bat widely distributed across Africa. Given the fruit bat’s wide distribution, more areas are potentially at risk for outbreaks of Marburg HF than previously suspected. The virus is not known to be native to other continents, such as North America.

Marburg HF typically appears in sporadic outbreaks throughout Africa; laboratory confirmed cases have been reported in Uganda, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Angola, and South Africa. Many of the outbreaks started with male mine workers working in bat-infested mines. The virus is then transmitted within their communities through cultural practices, under-protected family care settings, and under-protected health care staff. It is possible that sporadic, isolated cases occur as well, but go unrecognized.

Cases of Marburg HF have occurred outside Africa, such as during the 1967 outbreak, but are infrequent. In 2008, a Dutch tourist developed Marburg HF after returning to the Netherlands from Uganda, and subsequently died. Also in 2008, an American traveler developed Marburg HF after returning to the US from Uganda and recovered. Both travelers had visited a well-known cave inhabited by fruit bats in a national park.

They symptoms are somewhat interesting in light of recent developments also (also from the CDC):

After an incubation period of 5-10 days, symptom onset is sudden and marked by fever, chills, headache, and myalgia. Around the fifth day after the onset of symptoms, a maculopapular rash, most prominent on the trunk (chest, back, stomach), may occur. Nausea, vomiting, chest pain, a sore throat, abdominal pain, and diarrhea may then appear. Symptoms become increasingly severe and can include jaundice, inflammation of the pancreas, severe weight loss, delirium, shock, liver failure, massive hemorrhaging, and multi-organ dysfunction.

Because many of the signs and symptoms of Marburg hemorrhagic fever are similar to those of other infectious diseases such as malaria or typhoid fever, clinical diagnosis of the disease can be difficult, especially if only a single case is involved.

The case-fatality rate for Marburg hemorrhagic fever is between 23-90%.

What should disturb my readers is not the sudden appearance of what is being proclaimed by the media and out government as “Ebola” or a “strain of Ebola” but in fact the dark history behind the Marburg Virus which might yield an alternate path of analysis, courtesy of the phone caller to the Hannity show which one might want to start considering.

The Soviet Union had an extensive biological warfare division and unfortunately for the United States, much of what was created by their labs might be intact or worse, in the hands of other nations or powers more willing to use these weapons to achieve their goals of weakening the U.S. and its allies. The horrific prospect of a deliberate use of such a weapon should be considered if the facts ultimately verify that this actually is an outbreak of Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever.

The PBS science program, NOVA, did a story on the BioWarriors y back in November of 2001, shortly after the Anthrax attacks in the United States; of which no guilty party was ever discovered. This extract from the transcripts of Nova Online from the program is beyond chilling:

Horrors of the Soviet program NOVA:

What happened to the Soviet program in 1972? They signed the same international treaty the U.S. signed, ostensibly banning offensive BW research, didn’t they?

Patrick: In 1972, just as they signed the Biological Convention, the Soviet Union expanded their program. Since they didn’t have the United States to follow, they went out on their own. And at that point they started concentrating on lethal agents.

They weaponized anthrax. They weaponized smallpox. They weaponized Yersinia pestis or plague. They weaponized Marburg virus. They grew it to high concentrations in guinea pigs. Now, it takes a lot of guinea pigs to produce the amount of dry powder they had on hand when supposedly their program came to an end. They produced a very, very effective, scary product with Marburg virus.

NOVA: Why is that so scary?

Patrick: Because Marburg virus is lethal. It only takes one to two virus particles to cause an infection of the respiratory tract. There is no vaccine. And once you contract the disease, there is only one way to go, and that’s death. So it is very scary.

Sadly, the United States does not have a Cold War President which intimidates or frightens the Russian leadership but then again, just how effective would the dispersal of such a weapon be? From a Journal of the American Medical Association report by Luciana Borio, MD issued on May 8, 2002 (Full PDF at this link).


Hemorrhagic fever viruses have been weaponized by the former Soviet Union, Russia, and the United States. There are reports that yellow fever may have been weaponized by North Korea. The former Soviet Union and Russia produced large quantities of Marburg, Ebola, Lassa, and New World arenaviruses (specifically, Junin and Machupo) until 1992.

Soviet Union researchers quantified the aerosol infectivity of Marburg virus for monkeys, determining that no more than a few virions are required to cause infection. Yellow fever and Rift Valley fever viruses were developed as weapons by the US offensive biological weapons program prior to its termination in 1969.
The Japanese terrorist cult Aum Shinrikyo unsuccessfully attempted to obtain Ebola virus as part of an effort to create biological weapons.

Several studies have demonstrated successful infection of nonhuman primates by aerosol preparations of Ebola, Marburg, Lassa, and New World arenaviruses. Arguments asserting that the absence of effective antiviral therapy and vaccines would make these viruses too dangerous to develop as weapons are not supported by the historical record.

In 1999, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classified the HFVs as category A bioweapon agents, based on the potential to cause widespread illness and death, ease of dissemination or person-to-person transmission, potential for major public health impact, and requirement of special action for public health preparedness.

The questions are now  is the Obama administration deliberately ignorant of this threat from Russia, or have powers like North Korea or China sold the weaponized forms of these diseases to Jihadists in order to disrupt Western influence in North Africa, or worse, used by a secondary world power (Russia or China) to eradicate all Western influence in the region to achieve a greater dominance over the resources in Africa by ejecting all Western corporations.

There will be no direct answer to these questions but if the Russians, Chinese, or North Koreans did in fact take the formula or finished product for weaponized MARV (Marburg Virus) and sell or give it to technically competent terrorists for use against the U.S., it is only logical to assume that destroying the United States economy by killing millions of citizens is part of their ultimate goal as they attempt to reduce our nation’s influence in regions of the world outside of North America.


While the US government and its bureaucrats continue to label this event as part of an ongoing “Ebola” outbreak, the dishonesty of their proclamations along with obvious disinformation raises a disturbing question and observation:

Who is the ultimate victor of an American hemorrhagic fever outbreak which reduces our economic and military influence in the world and damages our nation without a direct attack by one of our country’s enemies, as this could actually be the first silent Pearl Harbor style attack on our shores which would be indicative of the start of World War III.

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