2nd Person with Ebola in USA – Health Care Worker who WAS Wearing Protective Gear

by John Galt
October 12, 2014 09:20 ET


The CDC, along with the Obama regime, , once again have egg on their face. On October 1st the CDC said the following:

CDC: Ebola Outbreak in US Highly Unlikely

On October 5th they doubled down:

CDC official: ‘We know how to stop Ebola’

On October 6th, they doubled down again:

Fears of Ebola in US spread, but official says outbreak unlikely

In fact from the Fox News link above, the head of the National Institutes for Health(NIH) said the following:

“People who are scared, I say, we don’t take lightly your fear. We respect it. We understand it,” Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health said Sunday.

But West Africa, because of the weaknesses in its health system, is not the United States, Fauci said, predicting “we won’t have an outbreak.” Scientists know how to stop the virus from spreading.

So much for that level of expertise. A health care worker who was taking care of the deceased scumbag, Thomas Duncan has contracted Ebola in Dallas and in fact was taking all of the precautions per CDC guidelines including protective gear. From CNN this morning:

2nd U.S. patient tests positive for Ebola-Texas health care worker wore protective gear

Of course they are telling the sheeple, aka, the American public not to panic nor be concerned. After watching the press conference and the deep concern in the voices of those giving the updates and the worries about the hospital which is now diverting all inbound emergency cases to other medical centers  in the area.

I would strongly suggest panic now and beat the rush then again, there are too many stupid people who still believe that the government, especially THIS administration, gives a crap about protecting anyone in this country who is not part of their inner circle of elites.


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