The November 4th U.S. Butt Election

by John Galt
November 5, 2014 19:30 ET



No, not that kind of “butt” yet sadly that is what would generally appeal to the two corrupt parties in control of our nation. The Republicans have won a huge political victory during the elections last night and unfortunately most of the GOP leadership has no clue as to the real meaning of why the voters are so angry. They think it is about “them” and “their” agenda as usual. They think it is the Tea Party anger collapsing into the fold and obeying orders to support the “party” over principles.

The Democrats on the other hand are blaming Pelosi, Reid, and of course Obama. They were the standard bearers for liberalism and the  Euro-socialist extremist agenda which they failed to completely implement in the first two years of Obama’s regime and over the last four lost even more power along the way despite strengthening the Federal bureaucracy far beyond any Constitutional authority granted by our nation’s founding document.

This brings us to the November 4, 2014 United States of America Butt Elections, not a midterm referendum on Obama as the media so perceives incorrectly.

Butt out of our wallets.

Butt out of our bedrooms.

Butt out of our silver and gold markets with manipulation.

For that matter BUTT out of manipulating all financial markets and supplying us with fictional economic data.

Butt out of my personal communications, my cell phone, and my personal computer.

Butt out of my banking business.

Butt out of monitoring my legal activities under the 2nd Amendment.

Butt out of my underwear at airports via the TSA.

Butt out of our jobs by over-regulating them and trying to force them to become union shops.

Butt out our cars and car engines. If I want to own a 12 mpg gas guzzler then that is my choice.

Butt out of our use of the internet at whatever speed or legal content we desire.

Butt out of our choice to listen to or participate in talk radio.

Butt out of elections by sending phony observers to stir up racial animosity.

Butt out of our back yards before Americans start shooting down your damned drones.

Butt out of other nation’s conflicts where our friend and neighbors are sent to die to defend the King of Saudi Arabia or some other overseas billionaire.

Butt out of our professional and collegiate sports, they can regulate themselves.

Butt out of our Doctors’ offices, they can function fine without some bureaucrat knowing whether or not I had a zit on my rear or if I’m overweight.

In addition, butt the hell out of the medical insurance business, you’ve screwed that up so bad it is pathetic.

Butt out of our nation’s education system as you’ve turned out two full generations of morons incapable of performing basic math or perform adequately at most any job.

Butt out of our real estate and housing finance system before you trigger a repeat of 2007-2008.

Butt out of the agriculture system and using that as an excuse to seize more land illegally for the Federal government.

Butt out of Clive Bundy’s life.

Butt out of the coal business and regulating the industry with fictional science which might indeed kill some old folks when they freeze to death due to brown outs caused by a lack of electrical capacity that you created.

Lastly, and most importantly, since you won’t listen to anything the American people said yesterday or what I’ve suggested above:

Kiss my butt.


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