Why Today’s Stock Market Numbers are Totally Irrelevant

by John Galt
January 27, 2015 22:30 ET

I could just be an asshole and just post the following without explanation to summarize today’s action:


Good think I’m a “nice guy” (LOL).

The first thing news sources like the Wall Street Journal (thank you for the screen shot above) and the electronic horn dog ‘there’s a bull in every crack and crevice media thanks to Apple earnings, is that everything awful today was due to Snowmeggadon 2015 and Global Warming/Climate Change, which from a Florida and internet trading perspective was a non-event, aka, a freaking joke.

The reality?


The Fed will barf irrelevancy tomorrow in its statement in all likelihood, which may or may not impact markets. Other than that and the end of month window-dressing hump the leg of Jim Cramer insanity, there is no reason to view global equities and economies in 2015 as nothing short of a disaster.

Stay tuned because if the Fed hurls a hairball tomorrow afternoon with any mention of the US dollar, commodities,  and/or currency exchange rates, then all bets are off.

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