02.05 Ukraine Update: Debaltseve Pocket Collapsing; 50,000 Russian Troops on Ukraine Border (Videos also)

by John Galt
February 5, 2015 20:30 ET


From ABC News tonight:

And now this update late tonight from the Ukrainian News website RBC.ua:

(translated via Google)
In the DNI said that militants blocked Debaltseve

05/02/2015 21:23

In the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” said the militants blocked the outskirts of the city of Donetsk region Debaltseve. This was stated today, “deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps” DNR Edward Basurin transmits separatist “Donetsk news agency.”

“Our units are locked Debaltseve margin,” – he said.

According to the representative of the DNI, the Ukrainian military several times unsuccessfully tried to break out of the blockaded city.

“In the direction of Sand and Avdeyevka offensive action fighters DNR did not conduct, the district Marinka us completely controlled,” – he added, stressing that the militants are on the outskirts of Avdeyevka.

DNR also announced the capture of a Ukrainian military.

Recall, in the wake of the DNI Ukraine supported the initiative of the OSCE on the organization of the corridor for the evacuation of residents Debaltseve .

According to police, one day in Debaltseve under attack killed five civilians .

Earlier today at the headquarters of ATO confirmed that the situation is under Debaltseve remains tense.

The long national nightmare being created by Western meddling in a neighboring country to Russia is about to get substantially more interesting. As of this posting, here is the latest breaking news via the Russian news source, the TASS News Agency:

Ukrainian army command accepts proposals for humanitarian corridor in Debaltsevo

February 05, 23:49 UTC+3

DONETSK, February 5. /TASS/. Commanders of the self-defence forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic have made a proposal to the Ukrainian Armed forces to fully stop combat actions as of 09:00 hours Moscow Standard Time on Friday, February 6.

Kiev accepts militias’ proposal to let civilians leave Debaltsevo — DPR Defense Ministry

This would enable the warring sides to create a humanitarian corridor in the town of Debaltsevo, by which civilians would leave the dangerous place, Eduard Basurin, the spokesman for the DPR Defence Ministry said late night Thursday.

Top commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces accepted the proposal and confirmed their readiness to cease fire as of Friday morning.

What makes this situation interesting is that occurred after Secretary of State John Kerry who by the way, just happened to serve in Vietnam and get Purple Hearts for mosquito bites and various other minor injuries (unlike his shipmates who had to stay for the whole war) was visiting Kiev in the Ukraine to offer support to the Poroshenko regime; just not the type of support he was looking for according to the Kyiv Post:

Kerry: No plans to arm Ukraine now

From the article above this afternoon:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made it clear during his visit to Kyiv on Feb. 5 that his government has no plans to send arms to Ukraine. He, instead, appealed to the Kremlin to stick to the Minsk agreements signed in September, a deal that slowed but did not stop the Russia-backed war against Ukraine.

“We are not seeking the conflict with Russia, no one does, nor President (Petro) Poroshenko, nor the Unites States, nor the European community,” Kerry said after his meeting with Poroshenko. “We are very hopeful that Russia will take advantage of our broad-based uniform acceptance of the notion that there is a diplomatic solution.”

Kerry added that U.S. President Barack Obama will meet with Poroshenko and other Western allies at the Munich Security Conference later in the week to highlight that they want peace.

If anyone has any doubts inside of the Ukraine about the significance of meeting in Munich, I simply remind my Ukrainian friends of this historical event and the super impose the US President’s face over Chamberlain’s to bring it up to current times:


With the Ukrainian people now apparently being deemed “unprofitable” by the Obama administration and his Western banking minions, the videos of the combat this past week were both shocking in their ferocity and an indication of what warfare without air cover looks like in the modern era.

First this video of Uragan rocket launchers apparently moving into the Donbas without their Russian military markings; a clear indication that more Russian regular forces are moving into the Eastern Ukraine as this is a front line modern weapon only deployed by the Russian military:

Next, check out this map of the battle situation today; pay particular attention to the region around Debalsteve:UKRAINE_MILITARY_MAP_DONBAS_020515jgfla

Despite optimistic reports that the highway from Artemis’k to Debaltseve is still open, I tend to agree with pro-Russian reports that their armor and artillery can and do close it at will. Thus why the ceasefire to evacuate civilians tomorrow morning indicates why the conflict and battle is about to ratchet up dramatically as both sides clean weapons and re-supply during the period of relative peace. Meanwhile, the following is a selection of videos from both pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces and media of the battle over the last several days. Pay particular attention to the 24 minute video in the series below as the Russians demonstrate the proper method for removing snipers and artillery spotters from an apartment building.
Full sweep Uglegorsk. Special operation militia (All videos Translated via Google)

More from Uglegorsk:

Freed village Nikishin in Donbas region (Feb 1):

DNR forces drove the DNR Division of the Ukrainian village Nikishin:

Trophies left by the UAF in Nikishino:

Militia brought the wounded commander “batyu” of the shelling in Debaltseve (pro-Russian commander wounded 01.29)

Debaltseve being shelled (01.29):

The situation in Debaltseve eyes of Russian TV news from Ukraine 29.01 2015:

BBC view of Debaltseve battle 02.03:

The translation from Google makes no sense to me however, note the Spetsnaz shoulder patches at the start of the video:

East Ukraine: Life On The Separation Line (01.28):

Ukraine Debaltseve Under Heavy Fire: Russian-backed militants continue attack on key transport hub(02.05):

BBC News-Ukraine crisis On the ground in embattled Debaltseve(02.05):

Video from Novoroyssia TV of the fighting around Debaltseve today (02.05):

Hell under Debaltseve 06 02 2015.Donetsk War in Ukraine (Europa News)

The conflict will intensify in about 36 hours and despite the best efforts of Merkel and Hollande to create a new peace plan alternative, this action by European Union activists appears to be nothing more than a blocking move to prevent an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 Ukrainian troops and mercenaries from being captured or killed. Stay tuned as this war is only intensifying and Secretary of State Kerry’s action to deny military assistance to Kiev may have bought enough time for the rebels to clear out the Donbas region and perhaps start a greater offensive against the key strategic city of Mariupol once the Battle of Debaltseve is complete.

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