There are Indications the Ukrainian Military is Breaking Down Under Russian Pressure

by John Galt
February 6, 2015 05:00 ET

Despite the popular propaganda of the European Union and United States media, the Ukrainian military is in a massive state of disarray which might indicate why Secretary of State Kerry and the Obama regime were unwilling to promise advanced military weapons in a meeting on Thursday, February 5th. The following stories and video, although some might be circumspect because of the sourcing, tend to indicate a disintegration of military discipline and erosion in the will to fight the might of the Russian Bear despite portrayals by Western media.

Ukraine Reinstates Conscription, Cycles Front-Line Troops Amid Increased Russian Military Activity

Reports indicate that this involves 18-60 year old male and female citizens but the Ukrainian government has yet to confirm or deny these reports. There is also evidence via social media that the entire bus loads of military age male civilians are being hijacked on the way to work or university and forced into military service. Time will tell as will social media if indeed these reports are true.

Teenage warriors prepare for battle as part of Right Sector’s Ukrainian Volunteer Corps

Yup, just like another Socialist extremist:


Mass Desertion is Being Observed in Debaltsevo’s Pocket

Ukrainian parliament passes law allowing army deserters to be shot

Excerpt from RT link above:

Ukraine’s parliament voted on Thursday with 260 MPs in favor – only 226 votes were needed to pass the law. The new article 22(1) added to the charter regulating service in the armed forces of Ukraine states that commanders “have the right to personally use physical force, special means, and weapons when in combat” against soldiers who commit “criminal acts.”

Under criminal acts the law lists “disobedience, resistance or threat to use force against the commander, voluntary abandonment of military positions and certain locations of military units in areas of combat missions.”

An explanatory note to the document says that currently there are mass violations of military discipline, in particular, desertion from units and drinking alcohol, as well failure to execute commanders’ orders.

That is not a good sign which means that commanders at any level, be they NCO’s or above, can execute anyone who does not follow their orders, no matter how insane or suicidal and the commander has justification without due process to kill the subordinate. The stories above are just bread crumbs, but even if they are only circumstantial, it tends to indicate a total collapse of morale and desire to continue this war at the behest of the Soros types to seize the Ukraine and test the mettle of the Russian leadership and military.

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