02.09 Ukraine Crisis: Debaltseve Surrounded, Pro-Russian Rebel Offensive Intensifying (Video)

by John Galt
February 9, 2015 22:00 ET

As a citizen of the United States of America, I wish to apologize to all combatants in the Eastern Ukraine/Donbas region. The leftists in this nation decided to vote for an incompetent Soros financed whore from Kenya as President and around the world, and in your nation, thousands have died as a result. Satan could not have shit a better candidate to bring the end of times to many on this planet, however, our time, thankfully, has not yet come.

Today the war in the Donbas region of the Eastern Ukraine finally took the predictable and quite possibly ultimate final turn for the worst. Per numerous reports, the pocket around the key transportation hub of  Debaltseve (Debaltsevo-Russian), has been sealed off for now and with the increasing number of rumored Russian/Pro-Russian artillery and armor, it would appear that anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 Ukrainian troops and mercenaries now face surrender or annihilation.

The sad news for the Ukrainians was broken via Twitter and numerous other sources earlier today:


INTERFAX, one of the Russian news agencies also confirmed the report to some degree:


The maps being reported via various users on Twitter and other news sources sadly begin to tell the tale of a disaster for the Ukraine military on the horizon, perhaps in days:


This map really begins to shed light on the situation:


It one takes that map and amplifies it from another source, it becomes even more dire:020915_DEBALTSEVO_MAP1jgfla

Based on this map, and the area I circled above, the Ukrainians are cut off and face a more dire threat with a second pocket along a river to their backs, cutting off quite possibly up to three large groups of troops to be captured or worse, annihilated via artillery and armored assault:


Below are a series of videos to demonstrate the severity of the fighting in the entire Donbas area of combat and how severe the deteriorating the situation is in the region; a situation so bad it could trigger another revolution or worse in the Ukrainian nation as their troops are paraded as prisoners of war on international television.

The chemical factory exploding in Donetsk Sunday night:

The situation is continuing to deteriorate into the night as news reports from various sources indicate that Obama’s refusal to intervene militarily or with defensive armaments is considered as much of a green light as Chamberlain’s deal in Munich in 1938:

City of Debaltseve emerges as a tipping point in Ukraine’s war

Ukrainian soldiers attempt breaching entrapment near Debaltseve. The enemy brought up massive manpower – Semenchenko

From the link above:

Fighting near Lohvynove, the Donetsk region, at the Debaltseve – Artemivsk motorway continues. The enemy managed to move up reserves. Both sides incurred losses in armored vehicles.

This was announced by the Donbas battalion commander, Samopomich party MP Semen Semenchenko on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

Heavy fighting between rebels and Kiev troops continues around Debaltseve

Siloviki claim full control over road-Debaltseve Donetsk

(translated via Google)

Korrespondent.net, Today, 22:26

The separatists argue that control the track in the area Logvinova.

Force ATO full control track Debaltseve-Donetsk. The broadcast channel 112 Ukraine spokesman ATO Staff Anatoly Stelmach.

“The entire length of the trail we control it. It is under the control of artillery, and our military checkpoints are there for,” – said the representative of the security forces.
Also, according to Stelmakh, is seen in Mariupol calm. “Today, militants fired only twice in this direction settlements” – he said.

Earlier Semenchenko reported that on the road Debaltseve-Donetsk continuing consolidation separatists. DNR pulled reserves and security forces retreated to the second position. “Long story. Sepa in Logvinova perezhaly track. SCU and protydyversiyna group Donbass gone for the weekend” – sums up the battalion commander.

The separatists in their public continues to assert that “already threw the lid” on “Debal’tsevo pot” and that was Logvinova.

As reported by the Korrespondent.net earlier speaker ATO Andrei Lysenko said that for control of the road Debaltseve-Donetsk takes a fierce battle, and information about the environment Debaltsevo not confirmed.

The ugly situation continues to evolve into this evening as the pro-Russian forces appear to have taken tactical advantage of a moment of weakness demonstrated by the Ukrainian military leadership. Barring massive intervention, the region will be sealed and a surrender of thousands of Ukrainian troops is imminent. Stay tuned as this will change not only the nation of the Ukraine but quite possibly, the structure of NATO as a whole.


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