02.10 19:55 ET BREAKING NEWS: Brian Williams of NBC News Suspended 6 Months without Pay

by John Galt February 10, 2015 19:55 ET Breaking live on CNN now and soon everywhere via social media. I guess no matter how many great reports and misremembersentations one can come up with, becoming the total joke of the internet and late night television may not save your butt. Below is a copy of the memo from NBC News: Too bad he’ll be back to lie for the 2016 elections.

If Obama is the “Economic Messiah” why Have a Record Number of Wealthy People Abandoned US Citizenship

by John Galt February 10, 2015 19:40 ET Way, way, way, way, back in ancient history this blogger (soon to be if not already considered an enemy of the state) warned to the wealthy and my wife, who would not listen, the following: If you can leave the United States, I would suggest you GET OUT NOW Well, maybe not ancient history, but it was on March 29, 2010 where I stated in the article above: The precursor to most major shifts within western civilization have always been the restrictions placed…

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