02.12 Ukraine-Russia War Update: With the Ceasefire, the Most Intense Fighting Begins (Videos)

by John Galt February 12 2015 22:00 ET While the United States mainstream media continues to pay limited lip service to the conflict in the Donbas region of the Ukraine, Europe is laser focused on the consequences of a somewhat cloudy ceasefire agreement which all but guarantees future direct Russian military involvement to preserve whatever interpretation of “peace” they determine as the Ukrainians faith in NATO and the West must now be totally shattered. The following entry is from February 11th via the English translation of the Russian blog from Colonel…

02.12 05:15 ET BREAKING NEWS: Minsk talks yield Ceasefire Agreement Effective 02.15

by John Galt February 12, 2015 05:15 ET Based on all of the information flying out of Russian and Ukrainian media, this deal appears to favor the rebels in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions providing them with a mandatory vote by the Ukraine government to allow for some type of amnesty and autonomy. Should the Rada in Kiev fail to do this within 30 days is unclear at this moment but the cessation of fighting will be a welcome relief to the European Union and civilians trapped in the battle zone….

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