02.17 16:30 ET BREAKING NEWS: Ukrainian Soldiers Ordered by High Command to Destroy Equipment, Evacuate Debaltseve

by John Galt
February 17, 2015 16:30 ET

The military map of the Debaltseve salient tells the tale of woe facing the Ukrainian military:


The news tonight took a dire turn when the Ukrainian high command gave the order to destroy all heavy equipment (armor, artillery, etc.) and evacuate the Debaltseve pocket. This news just broke at 22:16 tonight, Kiev time and here is the translated page (Google Translate) from the Ukrainian news site, UAPress.info:

General Staff gave the soldiers a Debaltseve destroy all machinery and exit paths

General Staff ordered the militias, which are surrounded by Debaltseve, the destruction of heavy machinery and departure. However, out of the new boiler in a fight almost not possible. It is reported online volunteer “Fund Peace and Order” Vsevolod Kozhemeyko, news reports “Press Ukraine”. “Our part in the area Debaltseve no longer be able to enter the engineering and lossless. Order of destruction technology has received. Next to wade explored paths “- says a volunteer.

“What is it again? How long can you tolerate errors Viti Muzhenko war and lose people, equipment and grounds. Can this be enough dense unprofessional and shifting the blame on everyone around? “- He added. Earlier we reported: According to unconfirmed by official sources data received from the front, the command sector “C” left their fighting positions. Their duties took himself commander 128th Infantry Brigade mountain of Mukachevo.

With this news, it is only a matter of time before remaining Ukrainian units in the area trapped in the other smaller pockets around Debaltseve begin to surrender and a humiliating defeat for President Poroshenko becomes the news of the day for the rest of the world. If the Ukrainian government in Kiev continues to press this war throughout the Donbas, they could well lose the entire nation which is sick of economic exploitation and a war that most of the country did not want against Putin and Russia.

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