02.19 BREAKING NEWS: British Citizen Alleges Russian Bomber Flew Inland OVER United Kingdom (Video)

by John Galt
February 19, 2015 17:20 ET

The incident from February 18th where two Russian TU-95 Bear strategic bombers flew near the United Kingdom took an interesting turn today when the UK Guardian published the following story this afternoon:

Russian bomber flew inland over Cornwall, witness claims

From the article by Haroon Siddique:

The Ministry of Defence denies that the planes entered British airspace. However, Sue Bamford, from Bodmin, said she witnessed at least one of the bombers flying inland, over Cornwall, while she was having a driving lesson on Wednesday afternoon.

“We were in St Eval when we saw a big black plane that looked like a tank. We thought: where’s that going? It was going along [the route of] the A30,” she said. “As we drove on the big black plane came back again. As Claire [Bamford’s driving instructor] took over to drive back we saw a silver plane, which was the Bear bomber. It’s travelling at the bottom of the St Mawgan valley so we can see it’s not out to sea, it’s in the valley. It’s long and thin, it’s got swept-back wings.”

Based on her description, it sounds exactly like a Tupolev TU-95 Bear strategic bomber shown here with a British Typhoon fighter during an earlier intercept:021915_TU95_TYPHOONjgfla

And if her information is accurate this flight path was drastically deviated from the normal pattern the Russians have flown around U.K. airspace since the Cold War days:


More from the story above:

Bamford said that living between RAF Culdrose and Newquay Cornwall airport, which used to be RAF St Mawgan, she was used to seeing and hearing different types of aircraft, so she was struck by the sight of two unusual planes on the same day.

Describing the silver plane, she said: “It’s just an odd, odd plane, there’s no other jets in the sky, there’s none of the Typhoons, it’s pootling around and we saw it a couple of times.”

She said that after she went home she did not give any more thought to it until Thursday morning, when the news about the bombers started breaking. “My partner says there’s some Russian bomber off the coast of Cornwall. It’s then that I go online and say that’s the plane I saw, holy crap. It wasn’t out to sea, it’s on St Eval where all the radio masts are, I saw that thing over British land.”

Based on her description these are the radio masts she is referring to at RAF St. Eval:

021915_TU95_RAF_STEVAL2jgfla 021915_TU95_RAF_STEVALjgfla

And using Bing Maps here is the location of said antenna farm close to the A39 and A30 highways:


I see no reason for this report to be taken lightly as if true, it shows that the Russians have moved beyond their typical taunting phase where they probe and taunt NATO based fighters but into a provocation phase where they are trying to force the United Kingdom and/or NATO aircraft into making a fatal mistake. This dangerous game was played for decades but never in a period where Western leadership has been as weak and inept as it is now.

Below is a purported video of yesterday’s encounter from a Russian crew member on the T-95 although The Aviationist website seems to think this might be older video from a January 29th encounter off the coast of England.
NATO aircraft surrounded the Russian missile / NATO aircrafts encircle Russia’s missile carrier

Stay tuned as this situation could get quite a bit more intense off of the United States also as the Ukrainian offensive under way by Russia and pro-Russian forces accelerates.

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