And Again…Logisticsaggedeon over as Now a Tentative Deal with ILWU & West Coast Ports Reached

by John Galt February 20, 2015 21:55 ET Breaking now on Bloomberg News: West Coast Dockworkers, Ports Reach Tentative Labor Agreement Not much to report other than the story is still developing as of this moment: 9:18 PM EST February 20, 2015 Deal reached for tentative five-year contract, union spokesman says. U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez helped broker the five-year deal, which brought an end to talks that lasted nine months. Maybe this time the unions got $62.50 per hour and will be happy.

Videos from a Real War Zone: Graphic Before and After of a Ukrainian Unit Alive then Dead

by John Galt February 20, 2015 20:55 ET The first video below is censored and safe for everyone to watch. It has the English subtitles so everyone can comprehend what is happening before the battle. The language is rough, then again, if one is preparing to possibly die one does care about the language that is used.     The following video is the same video in Ukrainian and Russian. The first part shows the exact same but the second half shows their dead, dismembered bodies strewn about the same house…

02.20 BREAKING NEWS: Logisticsaggedeon Avoided-Longshoreman Union and Ports strike 5 Year Deal (Update: Or not yet)

by John Galt February 20 2015 10:15 ET The antiquated notion that the necessity of manual labor to unload every ship at every dock continues as Atlas continues to shrug in the good old USA. Despite hysterical predictions of doom, shortages, TEOTWAWKI, and WalMart running out of plastic crap before Easter, a deal was struck this morning between the ILWU and the West Coast ports according to the transportation website Journal of Commerce and CNBC: W. Coast dockworkers, employers in 5-year deal: Journal of Commerce, citing sources The link above and…

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