02.22 Terror Attack in Kharkiv, Ukraine 2 Dead 15 Wounded (Video)

by John Galt
February 22, 2015 09:45 ET

The war continues on all fronts as terrorists attack a peaceful march honoring the Euromaidan revolution from last year. The Kyiv Post reports:

Ukraine makes arrests after terror attack kills 2, wounds 15 at Kharkiv Euromaidan memorial march


At least two people have been killed and another 15 wounded in a terror attack on a Euromaidan memorial march in Kharkiv today. Ukraine’s State Security Service say they have already taken four suspects into custody.

Hundreds of marchers were marking the one-year anniversary of ex-President Yanukovych’s flight from the country when an explosion ripped through the crowd.

Eye-witnesses believe the explosive device was timed to explode after all the marchers had arrived on the square, but a delay and a truck moving ahead of the marchers prevented the bomb taking significantly more casualties.

“The march was delayed by ten minutes, then just as people started to move, we saw the explosion go off just one hundred meters away, to our left and on the road side. It seemed like the device was hidden in the snow near a tree,” Dmitriy Komaykov, one of the march participants, told the Kyiv Post.

The question now becomes is if this is a new phase in the war against Kyiv and the Poroshenko regime or is a not so subtle message being sent that Kharkiv is the next target of the Russian rebels this spring and summer. Time will tell but the Ukrainian government may only have weeks, perhaps days to prepare for the next military move to be executed under the watchful eye and approval of Putin and his allies.

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